Monday, June 24, 2013

The Tears, oh my goodness. The Tears...

Last week a few of my Pack came home laughing hysterically, Mouth was dripping wet, wearing her clothes, and Little Brother was a few hooks richer...

lets start from the beginning...

Beans and Mouth were on their way home, and they see Little Brother trying to get one of his fishing hooks out of a "tree".

 (it was really an over grown bush, but whatever.)

So Mouth decides to help him out and climb the bush to get the hook for Little Brother.

It seriously is just an overgrown bush, not really any limbs to speak of to climb. 

So she's shimmying up this branch and she's almost to the hook, when she hears it...


"I CAN GET IT!! I CAN GET IT BEFORE IT BREAKS!!!! " She yells as she tries to hurry up. The branch that her leg is on breaks off and she loses her balance so she is now DANGLING from the branch.

"I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna DIE!!!!" she is chanting to herself as she keeps moving towards the hook, she now realizes there are THREE hooks that she can retrieve for Little Brother (I guess no one else has ever been gutsy enough to retrieve hooks from this tree, bush, whatever it is...),

now, Beans is laughing hysterically from the shore, like, tears dripping down her legs. hysterical.

Mouth is still kinda sorta dangling above the water but she has thrown all 3 hooks to Little Brother, so she figures its a win. then


and down she goes into the river!!! 

she comes up dripping wet and laughing so hard she can barely stand up straight :)

Fast forward to them walking into the house, Mouth is dripping wet, Little Brother is the proud owner of found hooks and one retrieved hook, and they are all 3 laughing so hard they can barely get the story out. 

Its moments like these I want to remember forever.

It seems we are always so busy around here lately. going 7 different directions at once. 7 different schedules to juggle. And I love every single bit of it  :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Manic Monday

well lets see, I'm another year older since my last post. we have celebrated 3 birthdays. and the snow has FINALLY melted and it seems to be that summer may have arrived. HH is finally working, in fact he is gone for the next week. which I am totally ok with.

 so here we go with my manic Monday post..

* 6 months of winter is hard on a person. especially someone who is a summer girl. NOT a winter cold and snow kind of girl :)

* school has been done for a few weeks already. and the Pack is getting on my nerves.

* Blue Eyes now has a job. working with Beans :)

* which means Mouth and Baby Sister are now taking over all the babysitting duties

*Little Brother will be working with HH all summer. and I am VERY happy about that!

* His voice is changing and he is FINALLY growing!!! he informed me, " well mom, you didn't have to buy me clothes for 3 years because I didn't grow! " I'm thinking he just might make up for it this summer :/

* Mouth went in for an MRI last week... so many left over issues from last year and her hospital stay. MRI came back normal. but scheduled an apt with a neurologist for next week. We shall see what we will be doing with her this summer :/

* I have been thinking more and more of when the Pack will be out of the house and I am actually looking forward to it... horrible mom moment? maybe.

* addicted to a tv show on Netflix... FRINGE. being addicted to a tv show is pretty much unheard of for me. I NEVER watch tv!!!

* looking forward to a busy sunny warm summer season!

* Friday night pizza nights are coming to an end for the season. on to campfires and hotdog Friday nights ;)

* my cousin was diagnosed with cancer last week. it has been a horrible week for me. I always joke with HH, "well I know how I'm going to die. Cancer!" cancer runs rampant thru my family... 3 grandparents have had it. 2 died from it. cousins. 2nd cousins. great aunts and uncles... yup. that's how I'm going to die. but to hear that my cousin (and my FAVORITE cousin. the one who rescued me from closets. the one who included me, even when all the others were being mean to me.), to hear that he was in for the battle of his life, was heartbreaking for me and so many of my family.

* many sleepless nights. prayerful nights. it seems like that's all I do.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sweet 16

Dennis rushed downstairs, where mom, dad, Lynn, Alan and baby Cody were waiting for news on the new baby. "Pray!" is all he said and he rushed back upstairs. Upstairs the midwife was trying to get the little baby girl to take her first breaths and the nameless little girl was not cooperating. Whenever her mommy would talk to her her heart beat would even out and she would pink up. As soon as her mommy quit talking her heart rate would drop and she would quit breathing. "whats her name??" the midwife pressed us. Alexis was named at that moment.  

Grandma sat and prayed and rocked our little Angel Baby all night long. The Dr was comfortable with Lexi staying home as long as someone sat up with her all night, Grandma volunteered for first shift, which ended up being the whole night, she was not going to give her up for anything in the world. She rarely cried, she quietly would take everything in. Her big blue eyes would look around the room as she lay snuggled in her grandma's arms.

Now 16 years later I look back and I am so thankful and blessed that God gave her to us. That He trusted us with this sweet, quiet, loving girl. Our only blue eyed child. Our beautiful little girl has grown into this amazingly sweet and caring beautiful young lady. She smooths out the rough edges in our home and completes us.

Happy Sweet 16 Alexis Victoria  :)  we sure do love you Angel Baby!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 on Thursday!.....hmmmm...

 I struggle with "10 on Tuesday", and I here I am, declaring "30 on Thursday!"
Lets see...
*1. New Orleans makes me nervous.
it smells. and its dirty.
there is water everywhere. and not the nice,
"I wanna go swimming and lay out in the sun and play in the sand"
type of water.
No. It's more of the,
"There are crocs. and bugs and snakes. and I will die if I go in that water!"
type of water.
no thank you.
*2. I love Nashville.
"I could live there
and work there
and sleep there.
and walk around music row all day
and night
and day" 
kind of love.
*3. I went to my very first concert.
 it was Luke Bryan.
I was 5 feet from the stage.
it was A.MAZ.ING.
it was free.
*4. I love our new church.
I love the ppl.
they are my kind of ppl.
REAL ppl.
*5. I hate "1 step forward, 2 steps back"
kind of days
~case in point~
*6. I cleaned the kitchen.
did the dishes.
* fed the baby.
*7. made dinner for the Brat Pack and Company
*8. did the dishes again
*9.. stocked the wood stove.
*10. rocked the baby to sleep
and chatted with Auntie :)
(laid sleeping baby down)
*11.  cleaned my bedroom
cleaned the closet.
*12.checked the wood stove.
*13.  vacuumed the schoolroom/addition
*14.  walked into the kitchen
cleaned it.
did the dishes.
*15. stocked the wood stove
*16. folded laundry
put it away
*17. checked for eggs
*18. cleaned the coop
*19. brought Remi out
*20. did another load of laundry
put it away
*21. cleaned out the fridge
*22. did the dishes.
(I do not have a dishwasher. just an FYI)
*23. checked for eggs.
(the red still hasn't laid today)
*24. we did school thru-out this entire time.
*25. now its time for me to get supper ready.
so I can do dishes.
and I seriously think I could vacuum
the entire house again since
you can't tell I already did it once today.
see what I mean?
1 step forward.
2 steps back.
*26. Blue Eyes received her blue card!!!
one step closer to driving!
*27. one the kids' good friends
made the decision to accept Christ
as their Lord and Savior!
*28. HH led him to the Lord. :)
*29. I don't like having pets.
too much hair.
(have I mentioned this before?)
*30. its really weird collecting eggs,
 bringing them in the house,
and immediately cracking them to eat.
its gives me the heebie jeebies.
Just sayin'.
so there you have it.
"30 on Thursday"
hope your day was as productive as mine ;)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

cold? what is cold?

its supposed to get cold this weekend.
I don't like cold.
I'm more of a sunshine and sand and OCEAN type of girl
I miss the ocean
the smell of it
the taste of the salty air
the sand that gets EVERYWHERE
really really want to fly away right now
and go to the ocean
its been one of those,
"am I crabby? or not crabby?"
kind of weeks
and its hump day
so I'm hoping that is all behind me
our anniversary is coming up
17 yrs???
I'm way too young to be celebrating my 17th wedding anniversary
I took pics of the Brat Pack this week
it was...
I only got one. yes ONE.
pic of all of them together.
I need to take some more I think
its supposed to get cold this weekend.
already mentioned that didnt I.
its on my mind.
a lot
HH put a sign on the radio this morning,
"Get the yard cleaned up, and stuff put away.
Its gonna get cold this weekend"
cuz I needed a reminder.
I keep telling everyone,
"Its only for the weekend.
then its gonna warm up again."
come'on people!!!
its only October!
I have high hopes.
cuz I'm more of a sunshine and sand and OCEAN type of girl.
well I will leave you with the ONE pic I got of the Pack...

Friday, September 14, 2012

its been one of those....

its been another one of those days.
yeah. I'll go with another one of those weeks.
It wasnt all bad.
the oldest 4 of my Pack went to the kickoff of yg :)
Baby Sister started her Wed night program again :)
I am actually working with the 2nd graders this year.
so much fun :)
and kinda funny when they look at me and say,
"Hey!!! You're Mouth's mom arent you?!?!"
and then when I answer the affirmative they smile and
I am deemed 'one of the cool moms'
cuz I am Mouth's mom,
and she is "super cool and so much FUN!!!"
I have a lot to live up to I think ;)
my allergies have flared up
I am miserable
no other way to put it
I look like I went 10 rounds with Mohamed Ali
Little Brother has been working with HH all week
HH has decided to quit drinking pop
cuz he hurts
his bones, muscles, joints, ect
everything hurts
and his head bobbles sometimes
thinking it may have something to do with the
copious amounts of Dt Dew he drinks
so he's quiting.
Little Brother has brought home reports of a cranky HH
caffeine withdrawl
not fun
 we have been avoiding each other
he comes home at night and I find something to keep myself
out of his way.
its best that way.
he knows he crabby and itching for a fight
I know he's crabby and everything I say or do
WILL be held against me and used to fuel a fight.
So I avoid.
its working so far ;)
hoping this withdrawl goes by quickly...
its another working weekend for HH.
which means another boring weekend for me :P
its probably a good thing tho.
too much time together would probably result in us fighting...
not a good thing
I am wondering if I should start another Pinterest acct.
using a fake, ahem, nickname.
It seems my humor could be seen as inappropriate.
I can just hear them now,
"she used to be such a nice girl. I wonder what happened to her."
how do ya like me now???

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A little Corny

Anyone who has me on FB may be getting a little annoyed with my corny jokes this weekend, but after a 5 day funk, I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she had posted a few of her favorite corny jokes, I busted up laughing, and it broke my 5 day funk :) and now I keep finding more corny jokes and I bust up laughing, and HH and The Brat Pack just roll their eyes and sigh.
Here's one of my favorites.
It has 2 parts,
so its more like 2 of my favorites...
What did the fish say when it
ran into a concrete wall??
ok ok, now for pt2...
What did the dam say when
the fish ran into it?
I know.
I am easily amused ;)
Got up this morning
packed lunches for HH and 4 of the Pack.
threw bread in the toaster
then threw toast at the kids
and sent them out the door
they are helping HH shingle a house today.
He wants to get the whole thing done
tore off, picked up.
hope they are ready for it!
Beans stayed home with me
(she has to work at her reg job tonight)
and we got "the cutest baby in the world"
for the day :)
So I had every floor in the house swept and mopped
before, yes, BEFORE, 7 o'clock this morning :)
(she's crawling everywhere, and we have 2 dogs and
2 cats in the house, yuck!, and I am anal like that)
so since all the floors were mopped
I decided that all the windows should be washed too...
I have come to the conclusion that
I would much rather wash toddler kisses
and sticky finger prints off my windows and patio doors
than doggy nose art. yuck.
Remi now knows how to open the patio door AND the front screen door...
got back from the little town over yonder the other day.
and Rem was sitting on the deck to greet us.
of course he somehow had the time to go for a swim in the river too...
now we need to teach him how to SHUT the patio door
so the cats don't get out....
its feeling like fall around here.
sweatshirts and shorts are being worn
socks and tennis shoes instead of flip flops
allergy season is in full swing
( I look like I have been beat up in my sleep
every morning when I wake up :P )
candles are burning
we are actually using the oven
definantly fall
I am NOT looking forward to winter
I am more of a sunshine, sand and warmth type of girl
not a clouds, snow and cold type of girl
in case you forgot.
well, I better get some more stuff done around here
so when HH and the Pack get home it looks like I
worked almost as hard as them today ;)