Thursday, December 13, 2007


Have you ever had one of those days when you are absolutely exhausted, but for the life of you, you cannot figure out why? That has been my day today.

Started out great this morning, we were on the ball with school, done by 1 o'clock. But I was on the phone most of the morning with business stuff. Then we loaded into the van and went to the library. We got there and found out that they were closing the library on the 1st, and they would be closed for 3 weeks, due to the expansion and moving and organizing and everything. So Sheila wanted us to check out as many books as possible so she woudln't have to move them all!! Well we walked(staggered) out of there with over 100 books in our backpacks, bags, and 3 grocery bags!! Wow, we have allot of reading ahead of us, no TV in the Anderson house any time soon!! Ahhh, you know what that means?? Blessed quietness!

Michelle turns 12 tomorrow! (Maybe that's another part of my exhaustion?) It is an emotional time for me! #1- it makes me realize I'm getting old! #2- one more year until she's a teenager #3- she's our first born, so as she grows up, we realize how quickly they are all growing up #4- IT MAKES ME REALIZE I AM GETTING OLD!!!!!

I am also very excited for Michelle though! She loves to babysit, and now she is able to do that, without mom watching over her shoulder. She is turning into her own person. Does that make any sense? For 11 years I was able to somewhat control how she perceived things. Now she has her own eclectic style about her that is all her own, she loves different types of music, she likes to try different hairstyles, different styles of clothing. She is turning into a minature adult!!

It is so weird, and not at all what I expected! It makes me understand my parents a little more, and what they went thru when my brothers and I all moved out, just months apart. What they must have felt when they allowed me to marry so young. And then they were grandparents when they were so young! Me growing up so fast must have made them feel robbed. Robbed of their youth. To go from a household bussleing with teenagers, arguing over the phone. To a household of silence, with the kids all gone, it must have been lonely. To watch your child get married must feel like saying goodbye. Of closing a chapter in your life.

Of course another chapter begins, and before you know it, you have a house bussleing with grandkids!! We ahve a few years before all of that!!

It just makes me wonder where the time has gone.... Do you realize in 4 years we will have 3 teenage girls in the house!! It makes me tired just thinking about it!

To look back at the last 12 years, it becomes so clear to see God's working in our lives. I can look back (now) and see that God has always blessed us. Even when, at the time, we didn't understand, it is clear to me now that He has always done what was best for us. What a humbleing thought.

Well I must go, I have birthday presents to wrap!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To be Content

Have you ever really thought of that verse.... in everything, be content.

Not always an easy thing to do. It doesn't mean to find something easy to be content with, it means in EVERYTHING be content. So when I'm having an awful day, the kids are running around like little lunatics, I am to be content. When I am bored and lonely, I am to be content. It means whatever God has for me I am to be content with. Even when I don't understand what He wants for me, or from me, and I am questioning every little thing going on in my life, I am to trust Him and be content with whatever He wants for me and my life.

This is a hard concept for me. To some it may be simple, but it is a struggle for me. I am not a content person. To sit still and to be quiet is not easy for me, ask anyone who knows me!! I want to see the world, I want to travel.

I have a nomad's heart. I read about people who are able to travel, to go to Africa, to see Spain, Brazil. I had a dream last night that we were able to spend 9 months in France.

Is it wrong for me to dream of this? Does this mean that I am not content in my simple life here in MN? I am fighting against these roots that are deep in the rich MN soil. I dream of exploring.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I've been thinking....

I've been thinking about the most inane things lately

I think kids should come with an off button

I think I should have a robot to clean my house

I think my husband should have an airfreshener in his pants

I think Elvis is dead

I think snow is over-rated

I think we should be driving flying cars by now

I think we should have voice activated microwaves

I think OJ Simpson is guilty

I think Sundays should be sleep in days every week

I think seafood is gross

I think marriage is the leading reason for divorce

I think the 4 out of 5 dentists are lying

I think I'd rather live with being sick than the 17 sideaffects of one little pill

I think having alone time is a myth