Friday, April 29, 2011

10 things...

10 things I am thankful for:
(in random order!!)

1~ the sunshine!! it is shining today!!! it is my happy drug :)

2~ spring snowfall. because I know it will melt when it hits the ground and it will not stick around for 5 months ;)

3~ Handsome Hubby. Love that man :) he puts up with, well, with ME! all my insecurities. my stress. my obsessive compulsive personality. he works so hard to support us.

4~ My Brat Pack. they make me smile, scream, yell, cry, giggle, pull my hair out, lock myself in my room, laugh till I cry. they keep me young. :D

5~ extended warranties ;) my old laptop went wonky. brought it in. 'damaged beyond repair' was the verdict. you know what I got out of the deal? a week unplugged (it was good for my mind), a new appreciation for blogging (you know how many times I wanted to grab my computer and blog and I COULDN'T!!??!!), and a brand spankin' new laptop!!

6~ a small house. some may think I am crazy. but I really do love my small house :) all the girls share one room, it teaches them, um, how to love at all times (?). 1 bathroom. it teaches us.. patience and strengthens our bladders? lol! all livingspaces (kitchen and livingroom) on one floor, (in reality our kitchen and livingroom kind of blend into each other). that way I always know what the Pack and their (many) friends are doing. ;)

7~ music. all kinds. all genres. I tell myself it makes me a well rounded person ;) you can tell my mood of the day by what I am listening to on my computer!

8~ a loving, forgiving Heavenly Father. goodness knows I can be VERY unlovable. and not worthy of forgiveness. and yet. He does. He loves me. and forgives me. it is an amazing love.

9~ coffee. nuff said.

10~ flowers. they add a touch of pretty to my life. a burst of sunshine on those days that the sun is not shining. they make my girly heart happy :)

One Week. One Month. One Year

I watched a movie the other day. (My computer was at the shop). It was called One Week. Kind of a dry movie, but I really got into it. A young man (my age ;) was told he had cancer. He only had so long to live (I can't remember how much time they gave him, I'm horrible at those kind of details!), so what does he do? He buys a motorcycle and takes off. For one week he travels. No where in particular. Just follows his nose. Heads west. Lives on his own terms.

The last thing you hear as the screen goes dark is, " what would YOU do? If you were given one week. One month. One year. to live. What would you do?"

It got me thinking.

I remember when my grandma was diagnosed with cancer. She was given a relatively short amount of time as an outlook. You know what she did? She went to FL. She went to Washington. She LIVED. She was diagnosed b4 I got pregnant with Baby Sister. She should have never seen Baby Sister, if we were to believe the Drs. Well, Baby Sister was born and Old Grandma got to hold her, love her up. And over the next 24 months they formed a very special relationship. Baby Sister ended up coming along for the ride when I went over to grandmas a few times a week. To bring a meal. A treat. As I cleaned, ect, Baby Sister and her 'Old Mama' cuddled and talked and laughed.

One week. One month. One year.
What WOULD I do?

Would I take time to witness to those loved ones that are bound for hell?

Would I get things right with those who I have done wrong to?

Would I take the time to stop and actually listen to my babies hopes and dreams? To their heartaches and challenges?

Would I turn off my computer and the tv and spend the time cuddling with my HH? Talking? Planning? Just breathing together?

Would I book that flight to the ocean so I could smell the ocean air again?

Would I do those things I have always dreamt about? Cliff jumping, sky diving....

Would I take a road trip? See the things I have dreamt of seeing? The Rocky Mountains, those big trees in California, the west coast, Texas, Central Park...

What would I do?

What would you do? What are some of the things that you find yourself putting off? Those things that you always say, "someday. someday, when the kids are grown. when we have money. when we have the time."

What would you do if you found out you were out of time?

And after I though about all of that, I then asked myself. "why wait?"
We aren't promised tomorrow. Shouldn't we all live as if today is our last day?

I think its time for me to take that time to listen to my babies. Turn off the tv and computer and cuddle with my HH. Get things right with those that I have done wrong to. Witness to those unsaved loved ones. My 'fun things' may have to wait until the kids are grown. till we have the money.

but those things that I can do now? those things that mean the most?

those things I will take the time to do.
and I will live like I was told that I have one week. one month. one year. to LIVE.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm still here :)

So much has happened the last few weeks around here...

  • A very close friend of the Pack came to evangelistic meetings a few weeks ago. She texted us later that night and told us that she had prayed and she had accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior! We were so happy! Then she invited invited invited... 2 more friends accepted Christ as Savior that week :)

  • Then I received a text from her. it was the next week. it was 8 am. on a school day. she was very upset. the kids at the local high school had just received word that one of their classmates had committed suicide. right away she has been put in the fire. and it tested her. and we prayed. and prayed. and prayed. she was immersing herself in her new Bible. trying to find answers. she did good. the end of that same week. she calls Beans. she's in tears. another classmate had just committed suicide and she was afraid for the rest of her classmates. the whole town went into crisis mode. every teen was watched. parents took time off of work to be home with their kids. the crisis center had beds full of teens on suicide watch. the local hospital had 1 teen admitted. we have had 2 funerals this week. 2 kids with their lives ahead of them. its hard to understand.

  • friday night on tv there was a program. it was about 'IFB' churches. I had never heard anyone refer to Independent Fundamental Baptist churches as 'IFB'. it was kinda scary how they brought to light so many things. I was raised in an 'IFB' church. I still go to that same 'IFB' church. I think all "religions" have churches and pastors that are bad apples and I don't think we should all be painted with that same broad brush. But listening to the people being interviewed... I can really see some of the things that they talked about. I have struggled with the narrow-mindedness of 'fundys' lately. more and more in the last 5 yrs. it has made me step back and really search my heart and examine things a little more closely. I'm still trying to figure out things.

  • we are celebrating 2 birthdays this weekend :) Baby Sister turned 9 a couple weeks ago and Little Brother turns 11 tomorrow!! I am going to try my hand at some pretty fancy cakes. we'll see how that turns out...

  • the next couple days I plan on getting some spring cleaning done. its supposed to snow. um. yeah. not happy about that. at. all. my front porch is just now getting easier to clean. its going to be back to mud and muck by the weekend :P yuck.

  • am I only person that does not get this 'WINNING' thing that is going around?? I have heard about it. seen it on FB. its mentioned on tv shows. brought up on news casts. I think it all has to do with Charlie Sheen? I guess my thoughts are that anything that has Charlie Sheen in it can not be thought of as 'winning'. I pity the man. He seems to be SCREAMING for help and people are making him into a hero of some kind. I guess it makes me sad because it really shows how immoral our world has become. And it scares me to think my children are growing up in this corrupt and immoral world. yikes.

Guess I better get busy with that 'spring' cleaning list that is about a mile long :P and make some cakes and get them in the freezer. and figure out what I'm going to feed the Brat Pack for dinner. and. and. and..... :D I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods. if it is, soak some up for me please!!! I have a feeling we are going to be on a 8 day drear around here :P and you know what that means. I pout. ;)

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Friday List

  • 1~ I just saw a peak of sunshine and I instantly smiled :D

  • 2~ S got saved this week!! She's kinda like an adopted daughter to us. that news made me do a happy dance and cry happy tears!

  • 3~ BabySister turned 9 on Tuesday! It made me feel old :(

  • 4~ we have had evangelistic meetings at our church all week... tonight is the last night and the Pack and S are inviting everyone they can think of! So far we have 2 vehicles packed and S is still texting me and asking if she can invite 'this person' and "oh! is it alright that I invited my cousin too?" thinking we may have to call in some help getting them all to town!

  • 5~ I made apple cinnamon pancakes this morning.

  • 6~ The Pack thinks I must be the best mom in the whole world, and no one makes food as yummy as me ;)

  • 7~ ok, they didn't really say that. I doubt they have ever even thought it. being a mom is a truly thankless job. sometimes I need to make things up in my head to make me feel like they actually notice everything I do for them. every. single. day.

  • 8~ it rained yesterday!

  • 9~ more snow melted!

  • 10~ the roof did not drip!!

  • 11~ instead the basement floor is covered in water :( urgh.

  • 12~ Little Brother is wonderful at pulling up carpet and stacking everything against the far wall.

  • 13~ and mopping up the water.

  • 14~ in the middle of the night :(

  • 15~ without even waking me and HH (Handsome Hubby, keep up people!)!!

  • 16~ Love that boy :D

  • 17~ its another working weekend for HH

  • 18~ and I WILL NOT POUT!!!

  • 19~ I will be thankful for the work

  • 20~ I will be thankful for the work

  • 21~ I will be THANKFUL for the work! (ok, that was a little more convincing ;)