Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Sunday Evening Post

sorry, couldn't think of a witty and charming title.. so I went with simple. :)

some weekends can be described as exhausting. this has been one of those weekends. HH ended up working (not on our house) yesterday.

Beans, Mouth and I went over to the Country Boys house and helped them move out of the old farm house and into their new rambler :) There is something about a brand new house, brand new cupboards, they make you want to wash all the dishes before you put them away in those shiny new cupboards. I stood at the sink for 3 hrs yesterday and washed the kitchen dishes for CBs (Country Boy) mom. There is something gratifying when you open up those shiny new cupboards and see shiny dishes :) It made me want to come home, clean out all my cabinets and wash everything!!! I haven't done that yet. But I will be doing that when our house is construction-dust- free :)

Beans, Mouth, CB and the Tall Lanky One moved furniture, books, dishes, canned goods, pretty much everything... it was exhausting. But so gratifying at the end of the day when everything was put away. I dropped off the two girls today so they could help get those last odds and ends things done for CBs mom. The kids have so much fun together, and work SO well together!! So its a win/win situation for everyone.

HH and the rest of the Pack and I have been working on our house all day. Siding!!!!! I am SO excited to have this part done!! It makes everything look like its coming together :) I spent a few hrs polyurethaning tongue and groove knotty pine. They will be our vaulted ceiling in the new addition :) It is going to look gorgeous!!!! I can't wait!!!

CBs mom thinks my girls are prim and proper and calm and cool and collected... I think she found out yesterday that they are goofy and silly and funny and random and cute and fun to be around :) They can also move furniture with the men and keep up with them, sometimes they put the men to shame ;) but thats my girls :D

I am getting very excited to get flooring in my house... subflooring is not easy to keep clean. you can't wash it. you can't sweep it (well you can, but it never really gets clean). Its kinda a headache. we wear shoes IN THE HOUSE. Its crazy. I cringe. and close my eyes. and pretend I don't see it.
It only works for so long tho. :P

Well I must be off. Supper is bubbling on the stove (chili!! Yum!!). and I better get outside and help HH with the siding :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Username and password???

I guess its been way too long since I've logged onto my blogger account... I actually forgot my username and password :P not a good thing cuz then you have to go thru and update everything and then they have to send you a linky thing to your email, then I realized the email they have on file was my OLD email, like from 4 yrs ago. So I had to redo that and get it all straightened out, and then I figured out it would have been just easier to have them send the info via text on my cell phone, doesn't that seem weird tho> that they can update info via text? hmmmm. maybe I am getting further behind on this technology mumbo jumbo? probably. do you think I care all that much? yeah. not really.

So its been almost 2 (?!?!?) months! yikes! lets see... the Pack and I have been busy on the house. New rafters are up. new roof is on. addition is framed, insulated, windows are in, doors are installed, ceilings are rocked... all the carpeting has been pulled up (what a mess!!! and it has sent my allergies into a tailspin. yuck :P) we found hardwood floors under some of the carpeting. who knew?? its in horrible shape. and we will still be installing new hardwood over the old stuff so it will all match.

Did you know that it is very very hard to keep a house clean when its a construction zone? yeah. not fun. at. all. dust everywhere. I have resigned myself to this fact. it has not been easy. just ask the Pack.

I do not have a schoolroom yet. it has been a very hard adjustment for me. I do not feel organized. I do not feel in control of my enviroment. or the situation. it is not good for me. just ask the Pack.

We now have 3 teenagers in the house!!! Yes. Mouth has finally entered the ranks of teenager! Even tho it seems like she has been a teenager for a few yrs now, she was not one. And she was asked "out" shortly after her bday... and Country Boy reminded Mouth that "tall lanky one" must first talk to her father b4 she can go "out" with the "tall lanky one". *side note ~ Country Boy knows this fun fact because he had to talk to HH (Handsome Hubby) b4 he asked Beans if she would be his girlfriend*.
Anywho ~ Mouth and the Tall lanky one decided they should wait till Mouth is 14 (yeah right) b4 the Tall Lanky One talks to HH about dating his daughter. So they will continue to be friends, as they have been for the last 7 yrs. Which is fine with me. The TLO (Tall Lanky One, keep up people) has been around since Mouth was 7, he is a friend to the whole Pack and actually him and Country Boy are best friends. So it makes sense.

Oh yes. You heard right. Beans has boyfriend. New territory for us. And yes HH and I like the boy. I have put him to work around here when he comes over and so far everything that I have thrown at him he has done with a smile :) (And I usually reserve the yucky work for him and the TLO ) HH had a serious talk with The Country Boy b4 he gave him the permission to ask Beans out. Talking to HH is a prerequisite for dating our girls. We figure any boy who has the guts to talk to HH, listen to his concerns, and answer his questions may get the chance to date one of our girls. Any boy who will willingly put himself out there with HH must be serious. I think most boys will be scared away just knowing that they have to go thru HH first. Weeds out the worthy ones ;) lol!

We took last weekend off. We loaded up and went to the big city. to the big mall. stayed in a hotel. the Pack went swimming. it went WAY to fast.

We will be working this weekend. Sofit. Facia. Siding. "it will be worth it when its done!!" I still have to remind myself of this on a daily basis. It works. Sometimes.

Life sometimes takes over and you find yourself holding on tight and going along for the ride. that seems like my life the last few months. things should even out around here soon. until then we are going to enjoy the ride :)