Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1~ Its October, the kids rule of "be home when the streetlights turn on" seems to be getting earlier and earlier. Not looking forward to the '4:30 in the afternoon and the streetlights turn on' times that are ahead.

2~ HH has done it again. This time it was 14 stitches. On his hand. I guess a miter saw can do some damage. So very thankful that he still has use of all his fingers and everything is intact!

3~ My first hint that something was wrong? When HH called and asked me when his last tetanus shot was. Then I heard in the background, "Oh crap. Don't do that." I guess he showed the nurse how deep the cut was. She kinda freaked when she was able to see the bones of his hand.

4~ I have colors picked out!! Aqua inlet for the schoolroom. Buttercream for the kitchen and light champagne for the the master bedroom and livingroom :) can't wait to get color on the walls!

5~ Random fact ~ I love language arts. I love doing language arts. I do not love teaching language arts :P

6~ Mouth had a loverly thought today... "I wish we had never ending money, mom" me too, kid. me too.

7~ The woodstove is going!! And it is super warm in the house :) and I love the smell of the woodstove. And I do not like the mess of the woodstove. But I do love the lovely heat from the woodstove :) the only thing that would be better? A woodstove in the livingroom. Where we could enjoy the flames and heat and coziness all day long.

8~ HH went to bed already. Its only 7 o'clock. I am praying he isn't getting an infection in his hand. He's hurting pretty bad right now.

9~ Pinterset. Its an addiction. A very time consuming addiction. I do not have time for this new addiction. But I will tell myself that I am finding ideas for decorating, and crafts, and home decor and other areas of craftiness that will come in handy. And I will continue to spend time on this new addiction. Darn you, Pinterest.

10~ tomorrow my house will get smaller again. the taper is going to be here the rest of the week. So the livingroom, addition, master bedroom and kitchen need to be empty. :P praying the weather will be nice!!! it will be school outside, and picnics on the lawn. :D

"It will be worth it when its done!!!! " Still reminding myself!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Sunday Evening Post

My husband is the most A.MAZE.ING. man. In. the.world. !! But I may be biased. Ok. It was our 16th wedding anniversary on Friday. He came home on Tuesday with a surprise for me. A new camera! I LOVE IT!!! Then on Thursday night he gets home from work and tells me he has made plans for the weekend. and to get in the truck. :) He had made reservations at a hotel for the next 2 nights. yes. 2 NIGHTS!!! just him and me. bliss. He had Incorporated Beans' help. She packed our bags for us. and had everything arranged so when HH got home everything would be ready to go. She's a great kid. I may love her. A lot.

So we spent 2 nights in a hotel. and did absolutely nothing. I guess that was the point. It was very quiet. and I have to say. it was nice. kinda (?). maybe a little too quiet for me. but we both needed the time away from the Pack and the time together.

We ordered the flooring while we were gone :) I LOVE IT!!! It is going to be a LOT of work. But I think the end result is exactly what we are looking for :)

When we got home the Pack had the house spotless. Fresh cookies on the counter. Laundry done. I kinda love them. A lot.

Oh~ guess what I did the moment we got in our hotel room???

I took my shoes off!! The girl who has always ran around barefoot has been wearing shoes for the last 4 months. In. the. house.

That is one (of the many) reasons I cannot wait to get flooring!!!

Bare feet.... who knew?

So we get home yesterday morning. And you know what HH does? He puts on his tool belt and starts working on the house. Always working on the house. He's pretty amazing. Don't you think so?
Yep. Thats what I thought ;)

And you know what he did this morning when he woke up? Yep. He strapped that tool belt back on and got back to work. The days are getting shorter. And the wind is getting colder. Our days of working on the outside of our little nest are numbered. We (he) only has one small gable left to do with siding and the outside of the house is DONE!!!! yay!! Hopefully next weekend we (he) can get it finished up! :)

I kinda' sorta' love that man. He's pretty amazing.

You know what I did today?

I made sure he had plenty of hot cocoa. and cookies. and I made 2 kinds of soup for supper. Sausage and bean for HH. And roasted chicken and corn chowder for the Pack. And hot ham and cheese sandwiches to finish it off.

You know what? I hate soup.

No. I mean, I really CANNOT STAND soup. Yuck.

You know what else I can't stand? Hotdish. Most any kind of hotdish. I cannot stand it. Tator tot hotdish? Gross!!!! Shepherds pie? Double Gross!!! Any kind of hotdish. yuck :P and you know what I make at least 2-3 times a week? some sort of hotdish. they are easy to make and I can add noodles or beans or potatoes and make them filling for my Pack.

And I don't eat any of them. That, my friends, is why I always serve them with lettuce salad. I will only eat the salad. And I make the Pack eat at least a little bit of the hotdish. Because I'm the mom and its my job to make them eat things that I won't touch with a ten foot pole ;) lol

You know what? Its gettting pretty chilly around here. And we still have to get the woodstove cleaned up and ready for the season. SO you know what I do? I bake :) Cookies. Bars. Cake. Muffins. anything for an excuse to start up the oven and get some warmth in the house :)

Who needs soup or hotdish when you have cookies, bars, cake and muffins?? ;)

Guess what I will be doing this week? Picking out colors!!! We have 4 rooms that need to be painted :) And I am going to pick out summer colors :) Powder blue for the schoolroom/addition. Buttercup yellow for my kitchen. A very creamy cream color for the livingroom. And the master bedroom... hmmm, still deciding on that one.

Hopefully I will enjoy the color choices in the middle of a 2 week drear.

You know.
When the sun doesn't shine.
And the wind blows.
And the snow piles up.
That's a 2 week drear.
It happens.
And I don't like it.
So I choose to surround myself with summer any way I can :)

We will see if it works for me ;)

Well gotta go and pour thru magazines and dream about what I want my nest to look like!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2 Girls and their toolbelts

3 of the Pack went with HH to work yesterday (yay for homeschooling!!!). Little Brother, Mouth, and Blue Eyes. It was a long, quiet day here at our little nest :P Beans and Baby Sister were very out of sorts. And lonely. And bored. It was a looooonnnngggg day.

Made me think of the near future, as the Pack grow up and fly away from our little nest. Things seem off balance when we are missing even 1 of the Pack for a single day. It will be a huge adjustment when they start flying away. I fully expect to be getting a full time job. The quietness will drive me crazy!!

~ random topic change~

Mouth and Blue Eyes have been telling me about their day working with HH... THEY BOTH GOT TO WEAR TOOLBELTS!!!! This was a HUGE deal I guess. I know, they are weird. The funniest part of their excitement for wearing toolbelts? They were both so very happy that they wore cute outfits. "The toolbelts looked SO CUTE with our outfits mom!!!!" And they had to compliment each other on how cute they looked with their toolbelts. Multiple times. Thru out the day. On the jobsite. I guess (hope?) the guys got a kick out of the two of them :)

SO yesterday. while working with HH. Mouth walked to the trailer to get a pliers so she could take some electrical do-dad off the wall. There was an extension cord laying on the ground. She saw the cord. She knew it was there. But Mouth, being Mouth, tripped on the cord. And of course had to get her feet all tangled up in said cord. And stagger around and trip and finally did a barrel roll down a hill, getting all the more tangled up in the cord. When Mouth finally came to a stop. At the bottom of the hill. She yells, "YEP!! I'm fine! Everything is good here!!!" The guys just shook their heads, smiled and kept working. And Little Brother just looked at the guys, rolled his eyes and shook his head, as if to say, " girls. good grief."

*Fun Fact? Little Brother thinks he has extensive knowledge and experience with all things that have to deal with girls and therefore has the right to roll his eyes, shake his head and let out exasperated sighs when his sisters perform acts like the above mentioned...

My girls are becoming quiet skilled in the construction department. Beans is putting cedar shakes on the house right now. Baby Sister is putting polyurethane on the many many feet of tongue and groove knotty pine. Mouth and Blue Eyes and I will get the addition cleaned out today and hopefully get the rock on the walls. Before HH gets home tonight! We shall see how this works out.

~ Random Topic Change!~

Went to the Dr and got my ankle and my leg checked out! Nothing broken. Just badly bruised. I am still limping around. I have not been much help around here :) oops! I meant to put in a :/ face ;)

~ Random Topic Change~

Next week is our anniversary!!! 16 yrs!! We have BIG plans :) Ok, we HAD big plans. Then we looked at our little nest. And reality set in. :P Stupid thing. Reality. :P

~Random Topic Change!!~

I saw it all! Beans just THREW herself off the stepstool!!!!(she's putting cedar shakes on the house.) She didn't lose her balance, stagger around, arms flailing in all directions. Nope. She threw herself off. It definantly looked planned, premeditated you could say. ;) lol :D *no injuries, she landed on her butt. and sat there and laughed :) *

~Random Topic Change!~

back to the anniversary stuff... we plan on staying home. and... working on the house *gasp!!!* :/
bummer. big bummer. We keep saying we will get away one of these days. Still waiting for 'one of these days' to happen.

~Random Topic Change~

100 useless pts to the first person who can guess what we will be doing this weekend!!! Its not hard people. Don't disappoint!

~Random Topic Change~

I had a really long, funny, humorous, darn right witty blog post to post. Then I left the computer whilst I was chatting on the phone. I guess a smart person would click that little "SAVE NOW" button on the bottom of the page. Cuz it would be a crying shame to lose a full blown funny, humorous, darn right witty blog post. I have never claimed to be smart.

*Fun Fact? losing a full blown funny, humorous, darn right witty blog post to cyber space does not put me in a good mood. I may stomp my feet (if I wasn't a cripple and stomping my feet would put me in a black hole of pain and tears and wailing), grab my hair, cry, scream, yell, shut my computer screen, vow to never blog again... just a little tid bit of information that you may find interesting for those of you who think I am calm, cool and collected. ;)

~Random Topic Change~

Beans (who is still putting shakes up on the house) came in, annoyed, growling about the staple gun. I guess the wall she is working on now has 'buffalo board' as sheeting. She informs me that the staples are smashing thru the shakes AND the buffalo board. She grabs a drink of water, then goes back outside. Pretty soon I hear the air compressor going and the staple gun shooting staples again. Smart, commonsensical girl that she is, she monkeys with the air compressor air pressure thingy magigy and gets it working.

Whos kid is she?

Sounded to me like a perfect excuse to wait for HH to get home and show off his air compressor wisdom and knowledge and wow us all with his PSI prowess.

Gotta love that girl. I know HH will. :)

~Random Topic Change~

Did you know you can get Bailey's Irish Cream coffee creamer? yumyum!! and its non-alcoholic. But it SAYS, "Bailey's Irish Cream" on it and it looks and sounds absolutely sinful. And I have a horrible affection for things that look and sound absolutely sinful, when there is actually nothing absolutely sinful about them.

Weird? I know.

~Random Topic Change~

One of the things on our to do list for today.... #8. take all the frozen bread out of the freezer and throw it all over the yard for the birds and chipmunks.

Weird??? Yeah. I know ;)

Back to my to do list for the day. Cuz NOTHING has gotten accomplished today since I have had to write this blog, not once but TWICE!!! :P

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Work (and getting out of it)

It was another working weekend around here. Always and forever working on this house. Trying to get things buttoned up before the winter cold pushes us into the warmer, cozier confines of our little nest.

HH (Handsome Hubby ~ keep up people!) decided to put some cedar shakes in the gable peaks, best decision ever!!! Its beautiful!!! I love the color we (HH) chose for the siding. Cypress. Who would think I would have a green house? lol :)

~ Random topic change~

Do you know how to make my Pack really really happy? Buy them popsicles. weird? I know. and make sure you buy 2 boxes. one tropical flavored and one original flavored. that way there is an abundance of banana flavored ones. and my personal opinion? banana popsicles really do not taste like bananas.
Mouth requested a box of only banana flavored popsicles. you cannot buy a box of popsicles that are only one flavor. maybe I should check online. that would be a great bday or Christmas gift for Mouth... hmmm... a box of only banana flavored popsicles and a jumbo jar of pickles. she would be in heaven. weird? I know.

~Random topic change~

Did you know that the "p" in "popsicles" is supposed to be capitalized? weird? I know.

~Random topic change~

Do you know how to get out of helping work on the house? Throw yourself off a ladder and land on a pile of bricks and a sawzall (it sawz ALL). And land half in and half out of a cement window-well-type-of-thing.

No. I didn't really throw myself off the ladder. It WENT OUT FROM UNDER ME. I tried to explain this to HH. "I was leaning over and trying to yank the rest of that board off the house. The hammer bounced back, and the ladder went one way and I went the other."

That, my friends, is how I explained it to HH.

Beans, who was right next to me when the ladder WENT OUT FROM UNDER ME, I guess she saw it slightly differently. ?
She pipes up and tells HH, " naw, I was there. I saw it all dad. It looked like she THREW herself off that ladder. I don't think she wants to help with the house." she tells him this with a straight face. never cracked a smile. not a single giggle. total serious face.

"WHAT?!?!? are you kidding me????" that's not what happened! as I am arguing with her and telling her that is just NOT true, I catch a glimpse of HH, his shoulders are shaking. He's trying not to let me see that he is laughing. He is laughing so hard that the ladder that he was on was shaking.

they are all against me.

~Random topic change~

2 months till I have a 16 yr old in the house. 16 seems like such a BIG number. doesn't it? much bigger than 15. it scares me. just a little. ok. A LOT! I feel a nervous break down coming on.