Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A May post

*conversation with Beans this morning*

"mom, how does this look for work???"
like you just rolled out of bed, put a Zorbaz shirt on and called it good....
"oh. I'll take the white shirt off... how does it look now?"
perfect. lol.

*conversation with Mouth this morning*

"hey mom. did you know that people are jealous of our life?"
why would people be jealous of OUR life?!?!?
"cuz we have a pretty amazing life, mom. pretty fricken amazin'."

I love her. and yes, I think we have a pretty amazing life too.
when the house is clean.
when the bills are paid.
when the kids are healthy.
when HH isn't hurting.
and everyone is on a good mood!!! lol

I banned the skateboard to the outside.
cutest baby in the world is now rolling
and she spends a lot of time on the floor playing.
the skateboard was scary to have wizzing around
the house when she was playing on the floor.
so it got banned to the outside.

I finally finished my school/craft room cabinets!!!
sanded, painted, painted some more, hardware on
and up on the walls!!! today I will be cleaning out
my craft supplies and getting everything organized!!
     "I love it when a plan comes together!!"
*anyone know what movie that line is from??*

ok. I have been on this diet. its a hard diet. not for the faint
of heart. not for someone without determination. not for
someone going it alone. (you have to have support on this one!!!)
its a crazy, sometimes stupid!!, diet. and sometimes I hate it and
I cheat and I EAT some real food ;)  but the results cannot be
argued. I started this diet the first week of May. and I have
now lost 34 pounds!!! :) 

I told the Pack that I would be crabby.
I havent been crabby :) super hyper? yes. have energy comin out
of my ears? yes!  sleeping good? yes! crabby? NOPE!!! :) 
ok. I have had my moments. when I want to EAT food.
real food. not lettuce. but those moments pass pretty quickly :)

my reward for losing the first 30?
I got my hair cut :)
and my cartilage pierced :)
and no, I am NOT being a rebel!!!
and I am not a freak (auntie!!!)
I am being the me that I have always
been, but have never allowed others to see.

if only you guys knew who I would like to be!!
I think you would be surprised. lol

but thats for another post  ;)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A post of updates....

yikes! almost a month since I last posted? thats kinda ridiculous. even for me. so lets update on a few things.....

Mouth had another CT scan. everything was clear. nothing abnormal and no lingering infections or inflammation! I have to admit, I breathed a sigh of relief. She still struggles with memory issues, and trying to find the right words for things, but she's working thru it. some days  I have noticed she just doesnt talk much, I am wondering if thats how she's dealing. by just not saying much  :/  Something I need to keep my eye on I think.

Little Brother is still skateboarding thru the house on every chance he gets. and we are still tripping over him everytime we turn around, but according to him, "these floors are PERFECT for skateboarding!!" lol. and to be honest? I really dont mind ;)

It still hasnt warmed up around here much. which is a big bummer for me :/ and we have had a lot of rain the last week. which is not good for the basement :P  and the dryer broke down. I mean totally broke down, "the no point in trying to save" type of brokedown. it sucks.  but HH had an ingenius idea, and we strung clothesline in our addition :) so now we have clothes hanging around the house drying :)  and surprisingly I don't mind one bit :)  I think after 6 months of living in a house under construction, I can handle clothes hanging to dry. lol 

I had another birthday. I really don't like birthdays that much. I am not feeling any older, yet the calendar says I am. I don't think thats fair. ;) I tell HH daily, 'I refuse to get any older!" he just shakes his head and creaks and groans when he gets off the couch. and I giggle. and call him, "sexy old man".

Spring is such a busy time of birthdays around here, so maybe I'll update everyone on my Pack's ages...

                                                                      Beans ~ 16

                                                                   Blue Eyes  15

                                                                        Mouth  13

                                                                  Little Brother  12

                                                            Baby Sister  10

not much else new around here... I will try to to a better job of posting, I know there has been funny stories that have been overlooked and I am just too lazy and tired to try to pull them out of this foggy brain of mine tonight. so maybe in the near future we will have some funnies to post. but for tonight, I'm going to bed.

                                                              Later Dudes.