Wednesday, June 20, 2012

knee surgery and the mean mom

Not much going on around here lately... lets see

HH goes in for knee surgery Friday. he messed it up a month ago and we finally got approval from the insurance to go ahead with the surgery. It will be amazing around here while he recovers I'm sure.

Beans got a kitten, cuz we need another animal in this house

Blue Eyes still has her little rat dog, Boo. even the ppl at the vet office didn't know if he was really really cute? or just so ugly, that he's cute.

Mouth is still growing. 5'9". seriously???

Little Brother finally started growing!!!! after 4 seasons of wearing the same clothes I finally got to buy him bigger sizes!

Baby Sister is, well, she's 10. and she's trying to find her own "thing" with 3 older sisters, it isn't easy.

life is always busy around here. always have a house full of kids. today I sent them all away. sometimes I need to reclaim my house and get some breathing room.  

we put some summer rules into place a month ago, needless to say, 3 of the pack have been grounded in the last month. hoping they learn and this wont be an ongoing pattern for the summer :P 

thinking I may have to implement a few other things soon.... like, no friends till noon. mandatory reading time. and chores HAVE to get done BY noon or no friends for the day. 

I hate being the 'mean mom' all the time.

I start round 2 of my diet next week... here's hoping for another 40 lbs!

I have a feeling we will be doing a lot of yard work in the coming month. a few days ago we had a storm come thru and we had a mess to clean up, it got HH in the mood to get the yard looking good. we have heard the chainsaw going in the evenings around here. Little Brother does most the mowing, and we finally got a good weed whip, so he's loving that new toy. yesterday he asked me if I could show him how to run the chainsaw.... I told him, "uh,no. that won't be happening."  I'm sure he will be cutting down trees and splitting wood for the winter soon tho. man they grow up fast.  *tear*