Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just a bunch of nonsensical thoughts.

See, that sounds much more mature than, "just a bunch of random thoughts". Ok, maybe not more mature. more interesting? yeah. I'll go with interesting. I like to pretend that I'm an interesting person. With a life. and friends. Notice the word 'pretend'? yeah. I think I am pretty much pretending.

I wanted to go out the other night. Maybe sit at a place to eat and hang out. HH wanted to stay home and watch a tv program and then catch the news b4 he went to bed. So, a tv program and news are more interesting than me. yeah. *tear*

So Beans takes pity on me and we head to the big town to sit at a place to eat and hang out. And we ask another person if they want to come hang out. Hm. nope. that darn news is very interesting to ppl lately. More interesting than me. yeah. *tear*

SO then I'm thinking maybe I'm not that fun of a girl. and thats totally not acceptable at all. cuz I have always been a VERY fun girl. And now I'm thinking ppl think I am too old to be fun anymore? or maybe the 'married with 5 kids' scares ppl a little bit. hm. *tear*

Oh, one good thing happened when Beans and I went out and hung out at a place to eat for 2 hrs. I was asked if Beans and I were SISTERS!!!! Oh. Be still my heart. I think I kinda sorta love that person. And I should find out where they live and make them cookies or something. But maybe that would seem kinda stockerish. So that probably wouldn't be such a good idea. Yeah. That might be kinda sorta weird. (did you know the rule 'i before e except after c' does not always apply? yeah. try teaching this stuff. yuck.) So. no cookies for the amazingly awesome person that I may just be a little in love with for calling Beans and I sisters. bummer for them. I make some amazingly awesome cookies ;)

I'm in another one of those moods. When my brain is going about 100 mph. and nothing makes sense. and I can't sleep. cuz my brain is going about 100 mph. and then I have no appetite (a good thing :) but the less and I sleep and the less I eat the more crazy my mind goes. Poor HH. Its fun for the first few nights. then he's ready to tranq me.

I know tranq is not spelt right. But I really did not want to write out 'tranquilize' , but now spell check is telling me that tranq is not a word and its bugging me. so, 'tranq' is my word for 'tranquilize'. and I probably will never ever have to use that word again. anywho.

And did you know that even when you are trying to be careful and you specifically ask the server if there are any sort of nuts in the dessert that Beans wanted and my plan was just to steal a couple bites of, and they tell you no, there are NO NUTS, do not believe them. they don't know anything. cuz chances are its from a mix that was made in a plant that had nuts on the equipment or they used the same knife to cut a dessert with nuts that they used to cut your dessert. its bad. very bad. cuz then you drink every bit of liquid thats on the table. like 5 gallons of diet pepsi and water and you chew all the ice that in the glasses. anything to make the swelling go down.

Then you decide to go out of town and try to get yourselves lost. and it works amazingly well. seriously, hopelessly lost. with no bathroom in sight. bad idea. very bad idea. but it was a fun night ;)

And I want a hot tub. I really really want a hot tub. just throwing that in there. cuz hot tubs have endless possibilities. and. yeah. I'll stop there.

Anyone know what they say about chewing ice? no? ok. well I'll leave it at that.

Hopefully my brain gets off the "amped" speed and gets back to normal soon. or maybe not. it is kinda fun to be thinking at 100 mph.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Daydream Believer

Does everyone have a bucket list? those things that we dream of doing? some of them may be way out of our reach. some may be so simple but we just don't take the time to do them. You can tell the kind of mood I am in by what I am dreaming about.

Today I am dreaming of a cross country road trip on the back of a motorcycle.
blue skies and water as far as the eye can see.
the smell of salt water in the air.
A new tattoo. on my wrist.
surfboards and suntans. *not gotten by lying around!! but by hiking, swimming, surfing, LIVING!!!*

I dream of spur of the moment movie dates with old friends. And sitting at perkins afterwards and remembering when we were young and dumb. and wishing we could go back

Sometimes I dream of things past. lovely memories that I wish I could go back to...

I dream of getting into my first car and tearing around those gravel roads we terrorized as teens. the car that I could start without the key. the car that made my eyes sparkle. the car that only sat 4 but we could pack at least 7 into ;) timberlake road.

I dream of those carefree days at the lake every summer.
falling asleep by the campfire.
having the ongoing, " put down the tents in the middle of the night" wars with the boys.
tubing behind the boats.
football at lonetree!!!!
working at the campground store and getting paid with hrs on the jet skis :)
night games at the campground (and ALWAYS ending up covered in band aids cuz I was such a klutz).
summer crushes.
barefeet all the time.
that lovely feeling of sunburn and sore muscles.
getting back from volleyball camp and sleeping for 3 days straight, in the sun, on a lawn chair, wrapped in a big white comfy blanket :)
pounce!!! (Amy! Do you remember how to play??? )
the theme song from Robin Hood being whistled, from the shelter on the hill, and knowing who it was. sneaking away to the beach to hang out. :)
riding bike to spicer and swimming in our clothes.
lifeguards. lol!

I dream of snowmobile trips up north.
stopping at little cafes or inns for hot cocoa.
winter campfires on the ice.
the smell of snowmobile exhaust in the shop when we were getting ready to go. I still love the smell of snowmobile exhaust. :)

I watch Beans as she stands on chairs and dances and laughs. I listen to Mouth and her off the wall thoughts. I watch my Blue Eyed dreamer as she flits from one thing to another. Little Brother as he is always making stuff, and loves to be building forts and weapons. Baby Sister as she tries so hard to fit in with her older sisters. I see myself in all of them.

My uncle stated that its good to remember those days, when we didn't have dreams, we had possibilities. So perfect. We did have possibilities. And it was amazing.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Its kind of getting old. Feeling like my brain is going 100 mph is getting old. its giving me a headache. a big headache. not the constant headache I always have. this is something different all together. and my neck hurt and my shoulder hurts. and I can't sleep. cuz my brain never shuts off. urgh!!!!
any suggestions? none? really?
well you guys are no help at all! ;)
But I did get a lot done today. yay me!
I guess that's one good thing to say for being amped.
But I think The Pack is getting concerned. and so is HH.
Mainly cuz I NEVER shut up and my filter, yeah, that dang filter that I fight all the time, its been off for the last few days. So its been, "Watch out! Shanan will say ANYTHING!!!! around here".
Even worse than usual.
Mouth goes with it.
Beans rolls her eyes.
Blue Eyes just shakes her head
and Little Brother and Baby Sister?
they steer clear.
Cuz everyone knows having a crazy mom is just plain embarrassing ;)
I pretend that I'm that cool mom that everyone wishes they had. But I think I'm just fooling myself.
I think crazy would be a more apt word to use in this situation.
crazy it is.

maybe tomorrow I will wake up and feel melloooowwww.
who am I kidding?
I am not very often considered mellow.
all I can say is that I hope that, when your brain feels like its going 100 mph, your actually
burning calories as if your whole body was going 100mph.
But that's just wishful thinking I think ;)

K. goodnight. maybe "mellow Shanan with the filter" will be back tomorrow. guess we will have to see

As Seen On Facebook....

Its been a very weird weekend. I was, and still am, in a really weird mood. My uncle said it best when he said, " *Name I shall not say* is so mellow, and you are so... AMPED!" Lol. Yeah. Just a little amped. still am. I feel like my brain is spinning around at 100 mph. It keep the Pack and HH on their toes, that's for sure.... this must be what it feels like to be on speed. I wouldn't know cuz I've never tried ANYTHING. But I imagine this is what it would be like. (Even my typing is like super speed).
As I was looking back at my FB post over the weekend, I had to giggle. Even from them, you can tell I am amped.
Here's what my status updates looked like this weekend:

Stupid Peanuts! You'd think I would learn!

is really really antsy. and totally talkative right now. and annoying my husband with my random topic choices ;)

Would really really love a hot tub right about now.

no honey, we don't want a tv in our bedroom.... so instead, lets bring the laptop and kindle in bed with us.... hmmmmmmmmmm..... rethinking the whole, 'no tv in the bedroom' thing

sometimes having daughters with the same size feet as me sucks! I buy socks. colored socks that are not anything like they own. so they can't take mine. guess what???? yeah. they wear all my socks, then act all offended when I flip out on them cuz I have NO socks in my basket. urgh. and my shoes. my cool shoes. my nice shoes. yeah. they take them too

is super antsy today.... hmmm. what to do what to do?

sometimes its nice to be home alone with our Pack :)

loves the feeling of freshly trimmed hair :)

Early Monday morning:
why is no one else awake at 1230 in the morning

5 hrs of sleep and still wired.... so weird!

has been called "Sexy Captain" and "babe" in the last 2 days... sadly I don't think either of them were actually directed at me *tear* LOL

yeah. Can you tell I've been amped all weekend? and it carried over to today. yay!!!! time to get things done around here!!!! Might as well take advantage of this ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Post of Randomness and Boo

ok. so. I am in a very very talkative mood today.
and HH has been getting just a tad bit annoyed with my random topics of choice.
so I took my randomness to FB, and then that kinda sorta started some random discussions.
A lot of random. A. Lot.
So now I decided to take it to the blogoshpere :) Arent ya'll so lucky?
and yes, I like to say 'ya'll'. Because I am coolz like that. And maybe it will throw ya'll off, and you will think maybe I am from a state down south, where cool people always say ya'll and honeychile and swee'heart (emphasis on the r almost silent t) and darlin'. and other cool words like that.
Did I ever tell you the story of the preacher who was talking about how his car tar started on far? and I had no clue what he was talking about so HH had to clue me in? Oh? I didn't? Well, that was a long time ago. and thats pretty much all there is to the story about the preacher who was telling the story about how his car tar started on far. And if you have any clue what that just said? 1000 random, useless points to you :) don't you feel special now? yeah. I thought so.


Have you ever had the hankering for saltine crackers with butter on them? yum! not peanut butter. no. just regular butter. yum!!! and pickles. no. not pickles on buttered saltine crackers, cuz that would be gross. yuck!! for some reason pickles sound really really good today. but we have no pickles :( and it is a bummer. cuz since we don't have pickles in the house I really really want pickles. funny how that works isn't it?

I have a question... what do all of you do with the Christmas card picture thingies that everyone sends you? Is this a total taboo subject? cuz I never know what to do with them. I hold on to them. Then I move them from place to place. And then I finally. well. I sometimes end up throwing them away. Am I the only one who does this?!?!?! ok. now I'm feeling guilty. How come I am the only one that thinks about these things? Does everyone else have a box of past Christmas card picture thingies that they hold onto year after year? oh. You do??? oops. But I really DO love getting those Christmas card picture thingies from everyone! and I love seeing how families have grown and changed and everything. so please, keep sending them year after year!! but what do I DO with them after Christmas is over??? urgh. if anyone can help me with this that would be great :) is there some sort of proper etiquette when it comes to these kind of things?

Just did a spell check and my computer has no clue how to translate blogosphere :) I love it when that happens :) I feel like I am smarter than my computer. Cuz I made up a total random and obscure word that even my smart little computer can't figure out.
Anyone else get that silly little thrill of satisfaction when that happens?
just me then I guess...

"there once was a man from Nantucket..."
yeah. I'll stop there with that one.

Anyone else have a hankering for pickles? no? bummer.

Did you know that HH asked me just last week if I thought I could possibly be *gulp* pregnant? Yeah. He asked me. With fear in his eyes he asked me. I had to giggle. But inside I was doing the math... hmmmm.... nope. not preggers. But can I admit that a little part of me would be thrilled to have another little baby growing inside me? yep. I said it. having another little bundle of joy (or 5??) would be thrilling. and I would love it. :) but I kinda love my life now too. so we'll go with the 'no more babies for us'.

I had some peanuts today. and peanuts are not a good thing for me. my throat starts feeling all funny and scratchy and swollen, then I have to drink like gallons of water, then I cough like I'm dying for hrs. and HH has no sympathy for me. not even a smidgen of sympathy. :P
kinda mean of him I think.
I mean.
just because he warned me not to touch them.
and he told me that I would regret it....
he still could have felt a little bit bad. right? ;)
oh. you wouldn't feel bad for me either??
well then. ok. you're all meanies. ;)

Have you ever been really really antsy but you can't think of anything to do or anywhere to go cuz for 1). you don't the $ to go or do anything, and #2). you know that you have way too much energy and you're way too talkative to sit still and do anything or go anywhere, cuz everyone would be getting seriously annoyed with you?
that's never happened to you?

I just saw a mosquito.
in the house.
it flew right by me.
its January.

Chili and pickles and crackers with butter on them... yummmmmm!!! too bad about the pickles tho :( I'll have to do something about that tomorrow.

HH is watching tv. Did you know that I can't stand watching tv? not enough interaction I think? yeah. people who like to watch tv don't usually like my incessant blabbering on and on about random nothingness. that's why I have you guys :) even if there really aren't any of all of you guys. I can still pretend that I have a horde of people who love my blabbering on and on about random nothingness, and you check back daily to see if I have decided to grace the pages of my blog with more random nothingness....

We have added someone new to our little family. His name is Boo. The Pack love him. I think I'm allergic to him. yay me. HH loves him too. He's white and he loves chewing on everything. and I think I am allergic to him. and everyone loves him. yay me. Remington doesn't know what to think of him. but I think he's a little jealous. Boo is kinda cute. and tiny. and I could squash him like a little bug. and I think he's staying.

now I'm in the mood for chocolate. brownies sound really really good. with ice cream. yummmm!!!! too bad I don't need a brownie. its a good thing we don't have any brownies ;) but they still sound reall really good ;)

and I am happy to report that I have my elliptical back in my room. and I worked out on it today. when I read a book on my Kindle :) now to do this all the time... hmmmm.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fake Family

Have you ever met my Fake family? No? Really? They are pretty amazing. If I do say so myself :)

Let me tell you something about them..

My Fake children ALWAYS wash their hands, and sing the abc song while doing so, after each and every trip to the bathroom. They always rinse out the sink and leave no traces of toothpaste in the sink after brushing their teeth. Which they do after every meal. They have the prettiest pearly whites one ever did see :)

They never fight, or squabble. No yelling and screaming is ever heard from the upstairs bedroom where all 4 girls share a room. There is never any hair pulling or scratching or biting. Never.

They don't swing from the rafters and use the couch as their landing pad. They would never do that. The couch would break. And they would have to prop up the corner of the couch with leftover hardwood flooring boards. And that would just never work with my Fake family. Swinging from the rafters is unheard of in my Fake family.

My Fake daughters always wear skirts and their hairs are always braided. My Fake daughters would never have a problem with, ahem, acne. NEVER! Because everyone knows a fake family has NO blemishes...

My Fake son always wears a button down shirts and has his hair trimmed weekly to give him that clean cut look that all Fake families have. And my Fake son would never make himself and his baby sister a homemade bow and arrows. Because my Fake son cherishes life and abhors violence. ( And yes, in my Fake family we use words like 'abhor'.)

My Fake children would never think it is funny to terrorize the dog and make him bark and bug their big sisters while doing school. My fake children always sit quietly, with their feet on the floor and in absolute silence while doing their schoolwork. And did you get the memo? They are all 5 entered into the National spelling bee? I know. Amazing isn't it??? That Fake family of mine are AMAZING spellers!!!

My Fake children never EVER go mattress surfing down the stairs. Or jump off the roof into the snow. And Fake Shanan would never remind them to "make sure you are jumping where the snow is deep enough". My Fake children never leave their chores undone. And when visitors stop by? They always sit quietly and do not interrupt the conversation. They sit quietly and do embroidery and study geography in their spare time.

And on Sunday mornings my fake family is up early and we have a nice breakfast together and I do the girls' hair in fancy braids or the latest fashionable trendy hair do and Little Brothers hair is always combed and presentable with no cowlicks. The girls all wear long skirts and matching blouses. Little Brothers shirts are always neatly pressed with not a wrinkle in sight. And we make it to church without a hair out of place. My Fake family would never be seen scrambling around on a Sunday morning trying to find a shirt without missing buttons, and Fake Shanan would never be heard yelling at the children that they all overslept and they only have 15 minutes to be up and in the truck for church. No. Not my fake family.

Fake Handsome Hubby leads the family in devotions every morning before leaving for work and Fake Shanan always has a hot breakfast ready for her family when they wake up at 0' dark thirty to start their day.

Did you know Fake Shanan is a size 6? Yes. She is. Because she only makes right choices. And she wakes up b4 her family so she can start her day with her hr workout and devotional time. And Fake Shanan ALWAYS has her hair styled and tastefully applied makeup on her face b4 her family wakes up. And Fake Shanan makes her bread from scratch and only serves homemade, wholesome dishes to her family. Oh!! And its all organic! She is truly amazing, that Fake Shanan is.

Doesn't my Fake family sound absolutely

... boring? and not real at all? Yeah. I think so too.

I think every mom has a fake family somewhere lurking in the back of their minds. I know I do. And sometimes I get frustrated and angry with my Pack for not living up to my Fake family standards. Don't we all wish we could be, well, perfect, sometimes? I think perfect is probably over rated. How boring would life be if we were all perfect?

We wouldn't have to need to be forgiven. We wouldn't need to trust in our Heavenly Father for eternal salvation, or just to get thru the day. Perfect is just not how God intended us to be. I am His, flaws and blemishes and wretchedness all included. I guess He gave me my Pack to show me how He can love us, complete with flaws and blemishes and wretchedness. I love my Real family. Even their flaws and blemishes and wretchedness. It makes them who they are. And I wouldn't trade them in for anything!

What are your fake families like? Do you have a Fake family? Or is that just me?? hmmmm...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bring on 2012!!

It was great to get up this morning and get back to the "normal" routine around here :) Christmas stuff is all put away. Still trying to find pictures that belong on the walls and my slippers. Where in the world would they have disappeared to??? Its not like we have a big house with lots of hiding spots. Cuz we don't. School is in session. House is (somewhat) clean.

Christmas was great here. The Brat Pack are amazing kids. They want so little and are so thankful for what little they get :) HH and The Pack spoiled me this yr! I got a Kindle. yep. A Kindle Fire to be exact. And now I get to eat my words of saying , "I don't think I would ever want one. I love the feel of a book in my hands. I love to curl up with a good book, how can you 'curl up with a Kindle'? it doesn't even sound right..."

Ok. I LOVE my Kindle! I love that there are exactly 45,783 free, yes FREE, Kindle books that I can download. Some of them are trash. but there are alot of great ones on there too :) I love that I can read in bed with HH and not have to have the light on. I love the fact that I no longer need to worry about space for books (no, I'm not getting rid of my favorites). I have the Fire, so I can go online whenever I want. Blog from it. Check email. Oh, and it has this funny thing called 'auto correct'.... hmm, some funny things pop up on that. Cracks me up every time ;)

The Pack gave me a picture frame collage thing :) it has space for 9 pictures... now to wait till we get a nice blanket of snow so we can do a mini photo shoot so I can fill those 9 slots.

I have decided that I will (should??) use the elliptical whenever I go on my Kindle to read. I figure it will either cause me to get in amazing shape!!! or cause me to hate my Kindle... ;) I guess I'm gonna find out.

Nothing much else going on around here. The kids are great. Healthy, happy, well adjusted as ever. HH is working. ALL the time. which is a good thing. And I will be thankful :) The hot water heater is working again. It feels SO good to be able to take hot showers again!! Still waiting to get shelves on the walls so I can get my craft stuff out of storage. :) Itching to scrap the house remodel and make invites to the little party we plan on throwing in January :)