Monday, June 24, 2013

The Tears, oh my goodness. The Tears...

Last week a few of my Pack came home laughing hysterically, Mouth was dripping wet, wearing her clothes, and Little Brother was a few hooks richer...

lets start from the beginning...

Beans and Mouth were on their way home, and they see Little Brother trying to get one of his fishing hooks out of a "tree".

 (it was really an over grown bush, but whatever.)

So Mouth decides to help him out and climb the bush to get the hook for Little Brother.

It seriously is just an overgrown bush, not really any limbs to speak of to climb. 

So she's shimmying up this branch and she's almost to the hook, when she hears it...


"I CAN GET IT!! I CAN GET IT BEFORE IT BREAKS!!!! " She yells as she tries to hurry up. The branch that her leg is on breaks off and she loses her balance so she is now DANGLING from the branch.

"I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna DIE!!!!" she is chanting to herself as she keeps moving towards the hook, she now realizes there are THREE hooks that she can retrieve for Little Brother (I guess no one else has ever been gutsy enough to retrieve hooks from this tree, bush, whatever it is...),

now, Beans is laughing hysterically from the shore, like, tears dripping down her legs. hysterical.

Mouth is still kinda sorta dangling above the water but she has thrown all 3 hooks to Little Brother, so she figures its a win. then


and down she goes into the river!!! 

she comes up dripping wet and laughing so hard she can barely stand up straight :)

Fast forward to them walking into the house, Mouth is dripping wet, Little Brother is the proud owner of found hooks and one retrieved hook, and they are all 3 laughing so hard they can barely get the story out. 

Its moments like these I want to remember forever.

It seems we are always so busy around here lately. going 7 different directions at once. 7 different schedules to juggle. And I love every single bit of it  :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Manic Monday

well lets see, I'm another year older since my last post. we have celebrated 3 birthdays. and the snow has FINALLY melted and it seems to be that summer may have arrived. HH is finally working, in fact he is gone for the next week. which I am totally ok with.

 so here we go with my manic Monday post..

* 6 months of winter is hard on a person. especially someone who is a summer girl. NOT a winter cold and snow kind of girl :)

* school has been done for a few weeks already. and the Pack is getting on my nerves.

* Blue Eyes now has a job. working with Beans :)

* which means Mouth and Baby Sister are now taking over all the babysitting duties

*Little Brother will be working with HH all summer. and I am VERY happy about that!

* His voice is changing and he is FINALLY growing!!! he informed me, " well mom, you didn't have to buy me clothes for 3 years because I didn't grow! " I'm thinking he just might make up for it this summer :/

* Mouth went in for an MRI last week... so many left over issues from last year and her hospital stay. MRI came back normal. but scheduled an apt with a neurologist for next week. We shall see what we will be doing with her this summer :/

* I have been thinking more and more of when the Pack will be out of the house and I am actually looking forward to it... horrible mom moment? maybe.

* addicted to a tv show on Netflix... FRINGE. being addicted to a tv show is pretty much unheard of for me. I NEVER watch tv!!!

* looking forward to a busy sunny warm summer season!

* Friday night pizza nights are coming to an end for the season. on to campfires and hotdog Friday nights ;)

* my cousin was diagnosed with cancer last week. it has been a horrible week for me. I always joke with HH, "well I know how I'm going to die. Cancer!" cancer runs rampant thru my family... 3 grandparents have had it. 2 died from it. cousins. 2nd cousins. great aunts and uncles... yup. that's how I'm going to die. but to hear that my cousin (and my FAVORITE cousin. the one who rescued me from closets. the one who included me, even when all the others were being mean to me.), to hear that he was in for the battle of his life, was heartbreaking for me and so many of my family.

* many sleepless nights. prayerful nights. it seems like that's all I do.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sweet 16

Dennis rushed downstairs, where mom, dad, Lynn, Alan and baby Cody were waiting for news on the new baby. "Pray!" is all he said and he rushed back upstairs. Upstairs the midwife was trying to get the little baby girl to take her first breaths and the nameless little girl was not cooperating. Whenever her mommy would talk to her her heart beat would even out and she would pink up. As soon as her mommy quit talking her heart rate would drop and she would quit breathing. "whats her name??" the midwife pressed us. Alexis was named at that moment.  

Grandma sat and prayed and rocked our little Angel Baby all night long. The Dr was comfortable with Lexi staying home as long as someone sat up with her all night, Grandma volunteered for first shift, which ended up being the whole night, she was not going to give her up for anything in the world. She rarely cried, she quietly would take everything in. Her big blue eyes would look around the room as she lay snuggled in her grandma's arms.

Now 16 years later I look back and I am so thankful and blessed that God gave her to us. That He trusted us with this sweet, quiet, loving girl. Our only blue eyed child. Our beautiful little girl has grown into this amazingly sweet and caring beautiful young lady. She smooths out the rough edges in our home and completes us.

Happy Sweet 16 Alexis Victoria  :)  we sure do love you Angel Baby!