Thursday, November 4, 2010

Closet Chaos

No, not my closet, you see I don't even have a closet, I have a pile of sweatshirts on the floor of my room, a rod in the storage room to hang a few skirts and Handsome Hubby's plether of button down shirts. Nope, its not my closet chaos I speak of (blog of?), its my daughter's closet, and I really should not complain, all 4 girls share one closet, its not a huge closet, its not a tiny closet, (they shouldn't complain, at least they HAVE a closet!) but this closet is jam packed! Who needs 15 jackets? Or how about 30 skirts?? And the number of puffy vests, in all different colors to match that one shirt that goes with "my favorite jeans!" And boots, oh my for the boots these girls own... brown ~ at least 8 pairs, black (but these I call "hooker heels" and they aren't allowed to wear them anywhere, which begs the question, "why do we still have them in the house??" they only add to the closet chaos. sorry, rambling!), pirate boots, jammie boots (? cuz they look really really cute with jammie pants, why would you need boots that look really cute with jammies?? Do you wear these boots to bed?!? rambling again) dress shoes, a zillion flip flops, btw, I HATE flip flops! They encourage dirty feet in my house, in my car, everywhere. all under the guise of "shoes". Flip flops are not shoes. they don't cover your feet, they don't protect your feet, they don't support your skeletal system ( I don't think that's the clinical phrase, but you know what I mean). Not to mention the tennis shoes, all colors under the rainbow to go with different outfits. And the actual snow boots, not to be confused with the fashionable boots, of course they have them too. Jeans, pants, shorts, sweatshirts, blouses (sorry, I call them blouses, my girls have no clue what blouses are, they call them "dress shirts" informal dress shirts?) Of course they all have dresses too... lots and lots of dresses and cute little sweaters that go with that certain little dress, and matching heels finish up the look. And the scarves, pretty scarves in all different colors. And bags and purses and backpacks (plural. "Mom, the white with orange flowers messenger bag does NOT go with my pink puffy vest! *rolling of the eyes*).
**Now, for the sake of full disclosure, we (they) buy these clothes at GW, or they are given them, usually for babysitting 3 adorable little boys that have a mom with amazing clothes ;) and when they shop at GW its on Tuesdays, Tag Sale Tuesdays, when they buy items for $1.50... so don't think I encourage mindless spending of hard earned money on a $50 pair of boots or a $40 pair of jeans. We don't do that kind of thing.
I think it may be time to take control of the closet chaos... but its so much easier to shut the door and leave it for another day, say.... when they move out???

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This is just me, dreaming again ;)

I am falling in love with old farmhouses... the wide planked floors, the beat up baseboards, every nick and ding must have a story behind it. I dream of living in one someday. On an actual farm where I can have an acre garden and barns and a chicken coop and barn cats and a stream that Little Brother can go fishing in. I think we have become a people that don't appreciate the history of the places around us. We want new everything, new cars, new houses, new EVERYTHING!! I have fallen in love with old everything... old cars, old houses, old clothes, old linens, old buttons, old appliances, old furniture ( I have to tell you, it is built so much better than this newer junk they sell! ) The details in older homes is amazing. The woodwork is beautiful, and its real wood! The plaster walls have such character, the doors are solid wood, the wood floors are real wood and every dent and scrape gives it even more character. Leaded glass windows, farm sinks, basement root cellars, drafty windows (no mold problems there!!), and the creaks and groans that these beautiful stately old farmhouses make let you know that it has been around for allot longer than I have been! I grew up in an old stately Victorian style home, the woodwork is amazing, the rooms enormous, the floors beautiful ( even if my dad doesn't agree ;), the high ceilings were meant to keep it cooler in the summer (and it is), the old windows (only a few left) are drafty. The wide open grand staircase is beautiful in detail and craftsmanship, (even tho no one sees it anymore cuz the main entrance that we use would have been considered the kitchen or servants entrance). It has been slowly modernized over the years, some new windows, a full basement put under it, some sheetrock in places, but it still has good bones! I love the doors, and the floors, and the plaster walls and the woodwork, ah, the woodwork...
someday... someday I will have my dream house, not a Victorian for me, but an old farmhouse, that still has good bones.
I guess I will always be a dreamer, but such good dreams I have