Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome to my world

So today I get a phone call from HH, it went something like this:
~Hey Sexy Man! Whats up?
* umm, I think I need to go to the Drs.
~What did you do now?!?!
* well, I sliced my finger on some sheet metal. want to meet me in town?
~ sure, I'll be right there....

so I call Beans, tell her that I am running to the big town to meet HH at the Drs office and see what he did to his finger. "yep, no problem mom". so off I go.

I meet HH in town, the have to give him a tetanus shot, and I find out he is a big baby about needles. like, seriously a big baby. I never knew this fact. and I had to giggle. I have seen 3 of my five children have stitches countless amounts of times and they never shed a tear. never flinched. just sucked it up. Here HH is sitting looking at me saying, "I really really hate needles. especially big needles." as he tells me this the nurse sticks him with the tetanus shot and he doesn't even flinch. "all done!" she says. and instructs him to go to the other room where they will put in the stitches.

When we get to the 'procedure room' (kinda a fancy name don't ya think?), they tell him to sit on the table and the Dr comes in and says, " first we will have to numb the area". its a good thing the Dr was a woman, cuz if it had been a man I'm sure HH would have had some choice words for him ;) the Dr looks at him and says, "tell us if you feel light headed. its always the big guys that faint." LOL!!! I burst out laughing and reminded him that our children, our little baby girls all had stitches when they were toddlers. and they didn't even flinch. he just shrugged and reminded me that he DID NOT LIKE NEEDLES! :) 5 stitches later he's bandaged up and sent on his way.

we get home and Beans calls me. She tells me Baby Sister is on her way home with Little Brother and that "she's probably gonna whine and carry on cuz she thinks she hurt her foot, she's just being a drama queen, mom".

Baby Sister gets home and I notice that she is limping but she doesn't say anything to me about it so I just ignore it. I had told the Pack that I would bring them to the HS baseball game in the little town over yonder at 7. So off we go.
I notice that Baby Sister was crawling thru the schoolroom, but lets face it, she IS a drama queen... so she limps out to the van and climbs in (big sisters gave her a shove cuz she wasn't moving fast enough).
We get to the ball field and I take a phone call.
Beans comes to find me cuz Baby Sister is sitting in the bleachers. crying. I go check on her ankle. its HUGE! and she can't put any weight on it.

I take Baby Sister to the big town to visit the ER.
fun fun.
of course she can't walk into the ER,
so I give her a piggy back ride.
and she's crying.
and choking me

after some pain meds and xrays they decide that they cannot conclusively tell me that it is for sure broken. but they can't tell me its not broken either.
something about growth plates?
so they splint her leg, fit her with crutches
and send us on our way with instructions for followup with her primary Dr on Friday.

so I called Beans and Mouth and Blue Eyes and laid it on real thick, because you see, I found out that they had not only told her that she was "being a drama queen" but they also were partly the cause of the whole mishap. you see they were "launching" her on a friends trampoline. they also made her walk across town, (about 3/4 of a mile) crying, and limping, home.

It has been a very long night.
I have another MONSTER headache.
and I have a little girl laying on the couch crying
because her foot hurts.
and my head hurts ~ oh, i already mentioned that. sorry.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

His name is Frankie

We are driving home from church this morning. the girls are all giggling in the back seat. and looking around. and giggling some more. Finally HH turns and looks at them and says, "WHAT is going on?!?" 'I can't find FRANKIE!!!' says Mouth. "Who's Frankie?" I ask. 'Ummm, my baby turtle?' she answers...

We find out that she had smuggled a turtle into her room. last week. and has had it in her bedroom. in a bucket/aquarium. she decided to bring it to church this morning. in her purse. she played with Frankie during SS. She thought Frankie had climbed out of her purse during the service (thankfully she was wrong, but here was some frantic searching going on for a bit).

So we had to make a slight detour and let poor little Frankie out of Mouth's purse and into a nice little pond. were he will be MUCH happier.

I must say. Frankie was the cutest little baby turtle I have ever seen. And Mouth was very upset when we made her let Frankie go in his new habitat. And yes, and I did check her hands and purse to make sure she wasn't hiding any more baby turtles in her purse. *note to self, make daily checks in Mouths room for turtle and frogs and salamanders* but seriously? when do they grow out of this stage? cuz its been going on with Mouth since she was 2!!!

another list of 10

10 ways to get rid of a headache:

1~ Tylenol extra strength
2~ Excedrin Extra strength
3~ Tylenol with codeine
4~ sex

contrary to popular belief, sex can actually help your headache go AWAY (I have yet to experience this, and I am thinking this was actually thought up by a male Dr who had heard a little too much "not tonight honey, I have a headache" in his life.) did you know sex can cause headaches? yeah. like passing out, throwing up, falling down, blinding headaches? yes. they can. its not fun. at all. and then HH is scared to touch you for a week.(where IS that darn filter???)

5~ sleep (I've heard this does work for most people. sadly enough, it doesn't work for me)
6~ chiropractor (thinking I may need to try this one!)
7~ massage (willing to give this a try too :)
8~ total darkness
9~ total quiet.
10~ a head transplant

hey I'm willing to try anything once :)

so random

every go to sleep with a headache? and wake up with a headache? and that pounding does NOT go away for anything? yeah. it sucks. really really bad. you know I noticed everything I write seems garbled, tons of spelling mistakes, ect (so not like me!). I guess my brain is tired of the pounding too.

Went to Pirates 4 last night :) I guess I was dumb and didn't realize it was opening weekend. and that the theater would be full. and that we would have to sit the third row from the front. did you know that sitting the third row from the front is not good when you have been battling a headache all day? and that sitting that close to a big screen like that actually makes me feel like I'm going to throw up? and that I had noticed the theater had posted a sign at the door notifying us that after the credits there is a 'short'? did you know that the credits for Pirates 4 is about 5 minutes long? a LOT of people worked on that movie. its crazy. did you know that watching credits scroll past the screen for 5 minutes makes me feel like I'm going to pass out? after I puke? yeah. probably too much information. someday I should probably remind myself that you guys probably don't want to hear all the random thoughts that go thru my mind on any given day...

I think going to sleep with a headache and waking up with a headache for 3 days straight is just too much for any person to deal with. Any suggestions?

There is nothing better than falling to sleep to the rumble of thunder, except maybe falling asleep without a headache, (as my aunt was quick to remind me)! I love the sound of thunder :) it just makes you want to cuddle up with your HH and drift off into lala land. We had thunder rumbling last night. It made me smile :)

OH! something that made me smile yesterday! we went out for supper, HH and I and a couple friends. as we are sitting there I hear a lady laughing. and she didn't quit laughing. so I started laughing. it really was funny. and she had a VERY funny laugh. then everyone else at our table figured out why I was laughing and they started giggling, sorry guys, CHUCKLING, (guys don't giggle I guess. who knew?). Seriously this lady laughed for it seemed like 5 minutes! and no one else at her table was even laughing. so then I started to think that whatever she was laughing at was only funny to her. and she was the only one laughing. and her laugh was really really funny. and they weren't even laughing at her laughing. then I started thinking how awkward it must be for her. but she kept laughing so she must not have caught on to the awkwardness of the situation? then as they were leaving someone from a different table commented on her having such a great time. and she started laughing again. and didn't stop. all the way out to the parking lot :) and I laughed with her cuz it really was too funny :D don't you love moments like that in an otherwise dull day? I do.

I love spellcheck for those days when my brain seems muddled :) don't you?

well if that isn't a post of complete randomness I don't know what is! Hope you guys a wonderful day :) I think I may go take something else for this headache of mine and go crawl under the covers and pray for some relief!

Friday, May 20, 2011

filter comes off

HH and I were laying in bed the other night. I was reading, so I had my reading light on. HH is laying there looking at me, pretty soon he pipes up and informs me that have a 'mustache' and that I should probably wax it... shut the front door!!!
Good grief! really?! well, I was stupid and decided, 'ok, I'll do it myself. at home'. stupid stupid stupid! Did you know that I am allergic to... pretty much everything under the sun? lotion? yep
deodorant? yep (i do use deodorant, I just have to find 1 that works and NEVER EVER change it!). body wash? yep. sunscreen? yep. laundry detergent? yep. so . do you suppose I would be allergic to the wax stuff? yep. I am. stupid stupid stupid! Why would I even be so dumb to try it? I know why. all because HH. yep. I lay the blame all on him. I called him. I told him what I had done for him... to make him happy. obviously he was not comfortable with his wifes amazingly hairy upper lip (honestly, you would have to use a magnifying glass to even notice it!). so I put myself thru this torture. for him.
I think I need to use that loverly home waxing kit and use it on his hairy chest :) who would like to hear a grown man scream in pain? I would ;) lol

don't get me wrong. I know that many women do wax their lip, chin, brows... ect ect ect. I don't. it hurts. stupid stupid stupid. and if any men read this they should appreciate everything their girls do to make them happy....

Here's Your Sign

We were walking out of WalMart. HH and I. We had picked up 2 rakes (cheap rakes, the BP likes to break rakes). As we are walking around in the store a man comments, "fun. looks like someone is doing yard work". hmmm, yes we are, what was your first clue? (I did not say this out loud to the man, see, there's that darn filter). We get up to the register to pay. A man laughs and says, "someone has a busy week ahead of them!! yard work!" ding ding ding ding!!! the man deserves an award!! how in the world would he know that we are going to be doing yardwork? wow, he must be pyschic!! again I did not say this to the man. I said it under my breath to HH and he started cracking up. So we walk out to the truck. We are almost to the truck. almost home free. when a man walks by and says, VERY loudly, " Oh!! someones doing yard work this week!! Sounds like fun!" I turn and look at HH and he says (to me), " Nooo! we aren't going to do any yardwork. what gives EVERYONE the idea that we would be planning on doing YARDWORK?" and why would we need everyone to point out to us that we must be planning on raking? duh~ thats what rakes are for, right? Everyone is an idiot. Here's your sign.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

~10 Things the Brat Pack has said~

drew a blank with that one. sorry. Its the best I could come up with for a blog of randomness that may not make any sense to anyone but me.

1~ So mom, is your blog when you pretend to be funny? ~ Mouth
2~ Oh look, Remington is actually being really good. He's just laying there. chewing on something. and I really don't care what he's chewing on as long as he's being good. ~ Mouth
3~ I'm glad you and dad have never gotten divorced. Cuz that would be alot of work. ~ Beans
(seriously? that comment was made right out of the blue)
4~ am I touching you? am I touching you? am I touching you? ~ Beans
as she has her finger in my face and a big smile on her face. seriously? are you 3 or something?
5~ yay! Little Brother is working with HH today!! ~ Mouth
6~ how is that good? now we have to do everything around here. ~ Beans
(made me realize how much Little Brother does around here!!!)
*sidenote~ Mouth just freaked out and kicked my coffee cup and I spilt coffee all over my computer... all because the dog had slobber on his chin. then I of course freaked out on her. sometimes I wish I had my own happy place that they weren't allowed in.
7~ you can bring a noodle too ~ Baby Sister to Beans
8~ Our happy drug is out!!! ~ Mouth
9~ what! we don't get to read it? But the whole world gets to read it?!?! that's not fair. ~ Beans after I shut the screen so she could not read what I am writing.
10~ SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! ~ quiet the universal expression used by Mouth
Sometimes I wish I could write whatever I wanted to write but I have this annoying tendency to filter everything b4 it gets out of my mind and onto the screen... now that'll make you wonder won't it? "hmmm, what is it that Shanan REALLY wants to say???" lol, I guess that is what my journal is for, but even that I tend to filter....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A post on Wednesday???

Ever get to the point where you just want to paint everything in your house white and start over with a clean slate? yeah. thats kinda how I am feeling right now. I have in my head how I want things to look. Like something out of a magazine maybe? where everything is pristine. dustfree. doghair free. no fruit snack wrappers shoved under the couch cushions. no fingerprints on the windows. dishes always done. plenty of storage.
they must have plenty of storage~ otherwise they would have a few stray sneakers laying on the rug, a beach towel hanging over the kitchen chair, a coat hanging over the back of a chair, a few random crayons laying on a table... I have concluded this by browsing many home magazines. ;)
I'm thinking a very light powder blue for my bedroom. a buttery yellow for the kitchen. a creamy white for the schoolroom (that room is SO dark). white for the livingroom...
HH will not be on board for any of these changes. I know it. He likes the more natural colors... deep greens, browns, tans, dark blues...
It was a very very very long winter. so many days without sunshine. without light. I felt like these walls were closing in on me. So I am thinking that if I make the INSIDE of my house summer all year long, then the winters won't be so hard for me...?
Whatchya' think? think it would work? I have a ton of ideas in my head. Now to make them actually work in real life. Do you think white couches would be a total impossibilty with 5 children and a dog? yeah. I'm thinking so too. Maybe slip covers would work? at least then I can throw them in the wash and bleach the daylights out of them... I invision bright, airy rooms with plenty of sunshine (and if its not really shining at least the bright rooms would make it easier for me to pretend)!!
can you hear a slight desperation in my writing? yeah. it was a very very long dreary winter. and you know me. I need my happy drug. and winters here, you can go a week or more without seeing it. then I get crabby. very crabby. and my creative juices die. its not a good thing.
I'll let you know how this goes over with HH... maybe I'll start posting pictures around the house of bright airy rooms. thats what I'll do! I'll rip pages out of my magazines and post them on the kitchen walls, the porch walls, the livingroom, the bedroom.... yep. think he'll even notice? ;) probably not. but then I can say, all innocently and all, "but Honey, I had all the pics posted on the walls of what I wanted to do. you never said you DIDN"T like it." ;) think that'll work? yeah. I'm not thinking so either.

what a great segway into my newest list of 10 ;)

10 redecorating ideas:

1~ re paint in bright airy colors
2~ slipcovers for couches
3~ curtains, blues, yellows, ect
4~ new flooring!! hardwood? (a girl can dream right?)
5~ light colored rugs
6~ quilt for my bed... pastels!
7~ fresh flowers! in all rooms!
8~ put undercabinet lights in kitchen
9~ take off panelling in bathroom and paint!
10~ sand down desk in livingroom and paint WHITE!

*sidenote~ Beans just read this post, wrinkled her nose, looked at Mouth and said, "she wants to turn our house into a girly house." :P I guess I have my work cut out for me.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the best choices for breakfast (10)

1~ english muffin with cream cheese
2~ bisquits and apple butter
3~ captain crunch cereal with milk
4~ toast and rasberry jam
5~ leftover pizza
6~ strawberry banana blueberry smoothie
7~ apple pancakes with maple syrup
8~ cottage cheese and peaches
9~ coffee coffee coffee
10~ eggs, bacon and bisquits

I must confess, breakfast is a meal that I very rarely eat.
But the Pack must eat! These are a few of their favorites.
except for #9, thats my breakfast of choice ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011


Don't you hate it when you can't sleep?
Thats been me the last few nights.
No reason. Just can't sleep.
I lay in bed and look at nothing. I try to
read a book, but really, with HH trying to
get some sleep, and he's exhausted and his
back hurts, its kinda' rude to keep my light
on just because I can't sleep... so I go to the livingroom,
but there is nothing on tv, and lets face it,
my attention span is WAY to short on
a good day to stay interested in a tv show...
So.... I blog :) about nothing.

I have decided to start something different...
I will be calling it my 10 list.
or something as equally boring sounding.
a list of 10 for anything that somes to mind.
I will start with...

10 Things to do when sleepless:

1~ read a book (in the livingroom so as not to disrupt HHs sleep)
2~ do some FB stalking
3~ straighten your hair
4~ clean out the fridge
5~ watch music videos on youtube
6~ look at magazines
7~ figure out your menu for the week
8~ write a novel (this only works if you find yourself with many sleepless nights in row)
9~ lay outside and look at the stars
10~ blog

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sometimes you need to break free ...

I texted my HH the other day. it said...
"Hey sexy man! How is your day? I was thinking....
I would like to dye my hair and get a stud in my nose...
Whattaya think??"

He didn't answer my text. he called me. right. away.
"what color?"
ummm, black?
"you aren't serious are you?!?!"
ummm, ya. totally serious.
"I don't think I'll like black hair on you"
well. I've always wanted to see what it would look like...
"ok. well, I gotta get back to work"

*end of conversation*

so last night I put it on my FB. and then everyone let me

know what they thought. and then Auntie

'double dog dared' me.
well. I am a sucker for a dare! and if anyone knew me well enough on
fb, they would have known that the more they all say, "DON"T DO IT"
the more I am determined that I WILL DO IT.

so guess what I did?
I drove to the big town to go WM and buy hair dye. 'almost' black hair dye...
got home went directly into the bathroom and dyed my hair.
and I LOVE it :)

and HH is pleasantly surprised that he is 'ok with it' ;)
The Pack loves it... well, Beans isn't quiet sure.
I told her, "so, I can lose about 150 lbs..."
'yeah, and we'll look like twins', she interrupted me.
she didn't seem all that excited about that prospect.

* notice during that phone conversation with HH?
he didn't say ANYTHING
about me piercing my nose? yeah.
I'm thinking end of summer?
if I reach my goal. :D wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Last night, as I was making supper, Mouth comes limping in the house and plops herself down on a chair. I turn around and ask her, "what did you do now?" her answer? "crashed Beans' bike". there is no tears. no wailing. "can you throw me a rag?" she asks me. I turn and get a good look at her. She has blood dripping off her arm. Her hair is a mess. She has dirt and grass all over.

Yeah. she sure did crash Beans' bike. She snapped off the one hand brake. all the paint is scratched off the front forks.

I guess she went head over heals. One man was in his apartment and saw it happen and went running down the stairs and out the door. He was positive she had to have broken something! (As far as we know she hasn't.) She got up. Brushed herself off. Got back on the bike and rode across town to get home. No tears shed. No wailing. No fussing. That's Mouth. Its the reason we really never know how badly hurt she is.

She split open her chin a few years ago. Stopped her sled on the neighbors car hitch. With her face. She had 2 girls behind her on the sled. Over 150 lbs stopped. with her face. Not a tear was shed. No wailing. No fussing. She smiled and I thought I was going to see teeth thru the hole in her face. Thankfully HH was home. He brought her in. I called ahead. The nurses were expecting a hysterical little girl. Nope. Then they figured, "aw, it can't be that bad." then Mouth smiled at them and they panicked. Yep. 3 stitches on the inside of her mouth. 10 stitches on her chin. 3 hrs later a few stitches were loosening up. Back in she went. restitched. without any pain killers. (couldn't use any more without worrying about nerve damage). Not a tear shed. no wailing. no fussing.

Last summer. She had fallen down some stairs. No tears. no wailing, no fussing. So I didn't think anything of it. 4 days later I notice that her foot is swollen. then I notice that she isn't walking quiet right. (she was very pigeon toed when she was little, and I still notice it sometimes, so I didn't really think anything of how she was walking) bring her in. they x ray her foot. 2 hairline fractures in her foot. already healing.

When she was 2 she had her hand shut in a screen door. someone pulled it shut and latched it. not knowing she was behind them. her finger was IN the door. I noticed her standing there and not moving. Her little face was very pale. her shoulders were squared off. (that's usually the only way we can tell that she is really hurting). I asked her what was wrong. "my finger hurts mommy". no tears. no fussing. no wailing. I look at her hand. her finger is in the door. blood is running down the door. I open the door. pick her up. carry her in the house and ask for a rag. she still is not crying. the ladies turn and look at her hand and FREAK out. You can see the flesh. and the bone. HH brings her in to the ER. the nurses spoil her. (how can a 2 yr old go thru that without crying at all????) she comes back with beanie babies. stickers. coloring books. candy from the snack machine... the nurses were so impressed with her that they kept giving her things. her finger is broken. and she's on meds because they were concerned that the bone could become infected. no tears. no wailing. no fussing.

When she goes to camp in the summer I am a nervous wreck. Beans works as a helper when Mouth is at camp. Beans has a fully stocked first aid kit with her and she has her cell phone to let me know if Mouth falls, or bangs herself up. The camp nurse would probably look at this girl and think, "she's not even crying, she's fine." and that might not be the case.

I cleaned out my first aid kit this morning. It needs some major restocking. I have a feeling it is going to be a long summer of scrapes and bruises.

HH says her nickname should be 'Grace'.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Gloomy + Mondays = cleaning and organizing...

Little Brother woke up this morning, and while he was searching for cereal, he decided the pantry was a "flippin' mess", so he took everything out, vacuumed it out, washed it out and put everything away nicely... and I need to remember how nice it was of him to do that without any prompting, and that he did it with such a smile on his face. and I need to remind myself of that smile when I can't find a darn thing in that cabinet next week. I will be THANKFUL for it. ;) yeah.

So I had to follow Little Brothers lead. I cleaned out the kitchen junk drawers. yes. that is plural. 2 junk drawers.

who has 2 junk drawers in their kitchen?!?!?! I do. that's who. to store my socket wrench set. and my cabinet screws. and my sheetrock screws, that go with my sheetrock handsaw.

its what I do in my spare time ya know. throw sheetrock up. cover up doorways. build new walls. yeah. that's why I need all the tools necessary to sheetrock. hhmmmm...

and my 4 utility knives (one with a carpet blade). my 20, count them, 20 screwdrivers. about 20 some batteries. do they all work? I have no clue. I also have 2 bike chains and a bike chain repair kit.

Cuz I LOVE repairing bike chains. and I have bikes in my house. why else would I have the repair kits in my house???

good grief.

HH needs a garage. I need a garage. So I can transfer all this junk out there.

I also cleaned out my junk cabinet. what? you don't have one of those? I do. Cuz I'm a lucky girl.
You know what I found in that cabinet? 10 rolls of film. that has not been developed. but pictures have been taken. thinking about it. I bet those rolls are over 5 yrs old.

I should probably get them developed. But they have pictures of my Pack when they were toddlers on them. I just know it. and then I will mope and cry and whine cuz it will only remind me that I want more babies. does HH really want to hear all that again? I think not. but I do want to see those pics of my babies. as babies. it will not be a good thing I am afraid.

and I realized I use my kitchen cabinet as a medicine cabinet. but I have a bathroom medicine cabinet for that. so why does everything find itself in my kitchen? I know not. I must work on this. its all getting banished to the bathroom. where it belongs.

Mouth decided to clean out the garage. ha! but I just said I NEED a garage. that HH NEEDS a garage. well, to be honest we have a garage. but it is street level. our house is not street level. we live on a hill. a hill that requires 4WD to get up it in the winter. a hill that makes a wonderful sledding hill and snowboarding hill for the Pack. we never use the garage. not to say stuff doesn't find its way in there. it does. bikes. sleds. lawn mowers. lumber. toys. junk. junk. and more junk. its damp. a tree pushed the back wall in. its built in the side of the hill. I would love to get rid of that ugly block thing. but the expense of getting rid of it would be horrendous. so it stays. till it falls down. yep. we're THAT neighbor. ;)

I didn't ask Mouth to clean out the garage.
I didn't tell her to.
she's just that kind of girl.
I love her :D

Little Brother is mowing.
he picked up all the sticks on the yard already.
I didn't ask him to.
I didn't tell him to.
he's just that kind of guy.
I love him :D

Now I must clean out my, um, drink cabinet.
not that kind of drink cabinet! ;) I have a cabinet dedicated
to all my coffees and teas and lemonades and koolaids. and flavored
syrups, and sugars.
doesn't everyone?

guess what I have posted on the door of my junk cabinet?
a postcard.
with the average monthly temps.
of Florida.
and in the middle of winter.
I look at that postcard.
every. day.
and I dream of sunshine.
and warm temps.
I did not throw it away.
I like to dream. ;)

A Monday Post

HH was home all weekend! with a sore back.

Nothing exciting happened.

It rained. The sun did not shine.

I was, um, crabby.

And HH was crabby with a sore back.

I realized that after him having spent so
many weekends working, that we don't know
what to do with each other when he is home
for a whole weekend.

and he has a sore back

and its raining out.

And I am crabby

And it Mothers Day, but nothing special happens.
and its the weekend after my bday.
and nothing special happens.

can you tell the sun is NOT shining?

lol :)

I have big plans for this summer.

we are ripping the roof off of our house. not just the shingles.
the ROOF. new rafters. and everything. sadly it does
not mean more room. just a better pitch to the roof.
so hopefully no more ice dams and dripping in my bedroom
in the middle of night. for weeks and weeks.
and hopefully ripping out the old carpet and putting
hardwood floors in.
new siding. new windows. lots of work.
lots and lots of work.

it also means I will have no bedroom. or livingroom.
HH says it will only be for a week. or two. till we get it
dried in, then we can move things back in (really??).
I don't believe him. I am the wife of a contractor. I know
better. especially cuz all this work will be getting done on
nights and weekends. weekends that he isnt already working.
It will be mostly nights. by spotlight I believe.

and we will be sleeping on a mattress. on the floor. in the schoolroom.
the schoolroom does not have doors. you have to walk thru the schoolroom
to get to the girls' room. fun fun fun... thinking maybe the treehouse will be a
better option.

and no livingroom. its going to be a long summer.
pray for me. and HH. and the Brat Pack.