Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hump day

it stormed last night :) I love thunderstorms. in case you hadn't heard. LOVE them.

and then i woke up this morning and the sun was shining :) I love the sunshine. in case you hadn't heard. LOVE it.

and HH was home till almost 9! and i was in a really good mood. and The Pack was in a really good mood :) its only 9:20. and its already been an amazing day.

I love days like this :)

the house is clean. dishes are done. showers have been taken. laundry is chugging away. HH went to work. YG tonight. (so I get my 2 hrs to MYSELF!!!) Cutest baby in the world should be getting here any minute. :)

Little Brother received a skate board from Baby Sister for his birthday. hard wood floors + 12 yr old with a brand new board = chaos!!!! and can I say? I kinda love it. :)

my girls have been crazy lately! so much fun! and crazy :) love them to death. they make me smile :)

HH has been working. a lot. and when he comes home he hurts. and he's exhausted. so I give him a back massage and he falls asleep. can you say 'BORING!!!" ??? yeah. its boring. especially when I'm in a super good, bouncing off the walls, HAVE SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT, mood ;) lol! poor guy. i think i can get to be too much for him sometimes.

Mouth cleaned my van yesterday. really cleaned it. it looks A.MAZ.ING!!!! so HH left his truck here today so she can clean it :) as long as she has a stereo, she's all good :) "crank up the music and dig in" is her motto (wonder where she got that?) I think anyone could find our house on a "deep clean" day just by following the beat :)

time to go. I think I'm gonna clean out the fridge and freezer. so if you hear a beat? drop by and visit :)

later dudes!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm that girl

That girl that collects all the shopping carts and puts them in the cart corral in the parking lot at Walmart. and takes the ones that are not in "order", out and puts them back in. in order. and the Pack gets embarrassed and pleads with me to just "get in the van!! plz!! MOM!!!!".

That girl that could never work at walmart because she would get stuck at the bargain bin movies, putting them in alphabetical order. cuz that's how they should be.

That girl that hates wearing shoes. even in the winter.

That girl that dreams of wandering this earth, with no destination in mind. meeting strangers, taking pictures, immersing myself in the cultures and lives of others.

I'm that girl that talks to strangers at the store. opens doors for the elderly, smiles at babies, and helps mothers with small children because she knows what they are going thru.

I'm that girl that loves thunderstorms and dancing in the rain. barefoot, with her hair down. :) She loves mud puddles.

I'm that girl that loves to sing in the shower, cranks up the stereo when she's cleaning the house, and grabs random children to dance around the room with.

I'm that girl that opens up all the windows when it hits 50 degrees in the spring of the year, but grabs a blanket to wrap herself up with to take a nap on the deck in the sunshine when its 80.

I'm that girl that cannot watch an entire movie without getting distracted by something. then loses her place and spends the rest of the movie asking everyone else what is going on.

I'm that girl that goes for walks in the middle of the night. in the rain. she stops in the middle of the street, spreads out her arms, tilts her face to the sky, and loves to feel the water cascade down her face and hair.

I'm that girl that has to sleep in total darkness and silence. When she sleeps at all.

I'm that girl.

That girl that is sarcastic when she shouldn't be. can be brutally honest when it would be best to keep her mouth shut. I'm that girl that speaks first and thinks later. gets mad quickly but asks for forgiveness just as quickly.

I'm that girl that loves to cuddle on the couch to watch a movie. but will probably fall asleep half way thru then wake up and want to know how it ended. :)

I'm that girl that loves to use her man's chest as a human pillow. but rarely is allowed to :P

I'm that girl that can have a biting comment but also will flash you a smile and a wink out of nowhere.

I'm that girl. that girl that loves with all her heart, trusts most everyone. but when you break her trust, you will have to work very hard for her to even give you the time of day.

I'm that girl that crunches on ice in the next booth over at the restaurant and in the row behind you at the movie theater ;) sorry about that.

I'm that girl that will ignore her phone for days on end. but can't live without her computer.

I'm that girl.

Friday, April 13, 2012

middle of the night randoms

its 1 am. and i cant sleep. so i blog. and i dont use capitalization or punctuation. just warning you. so if you are the type of person that just cannot abide by no capitalization or punctuation? stop reading now. seriously. this is a lazy post and i dont care about either.

i have fingernails!!! i have ALWAYS bitten my nails. always. i never used to wear nail polish cuz my nails always looked so ugly and i just could not bring attention to them. but that has changed :) i actually have fingernails. and i do plan on polishing them. and bringing attention to them.

we have been having some weird things going on around here. really weird things. hh and blue eyes were talking one night. in the livingroom. they both stopped talking and got real still. they looked at each other and asked, "did you hear that too?" they both swear they heard a little girl talking to them. and it seemed like she was standing between the 2 of them. a few days later, i was sitting in the livingroom with 'the cutest baby ever', and i heard a little girl say, "hi". i swear it sounded like she was standing right next to me. for the last 2 weeks, when i go to bed, after turning my kindle off and rolling over, the computer light comes on and goes off without the computer fully coming out of sleep mode. but 3 nights ago? i woke up at 3 in the morning, rolled over and saw the computer come on. totally come out of sleep mode and turn on. you really have to monkey with the mouse to get that screen to come on. totally freaked me out. now tonight i was sitting in the livingroom with beans and some of the toys that i had gotten out and cleaned up for the 'cutest baby ever', started acting up. by themselves. the schoolbus ran into the wall. a bumblebee spun around and just a few minutes ago a rattle moved. oh! and everyone is in bed. and i was in the livingroom by myself. but then i heard my bedroom door open. hh is sound asleep in there. the door was shut and latched. but it opened up. i got up to see if he had woken up and needed anything. but he was still asleep. it felt like someone was standing in front of me, freaked me out enough that i caught my breath and flipped a lightswitch on. f.r.e.a.k.y. any explanations????

last week i was feeling super crappy. everything hurt. every bone and muscle ached. after a few days of this i asked beans to look and see if i had a sore on my back. guess what she found? a tick. yuck!!! i hate ticks! this one really thru me for a loop tho :P i starting feeling better later on that day and after a few days i feel back to my old self. i cant believe we have ticks out already. we will be doing checks around here from now on!!!

the other night, the girls were super duper wired and hyper and did not want to go to bed.
Mouth ~"we're too hyper to sleep!!!!!"
HH~ "Mouth, what are you eating??"
at this point her eyes get HUGE and she gets a manic grin on her face
Mouth ~ "its, its, its, its...."
Beans whispers, "candy"
Mouth ~ "ITS CANDY!!!!!"
(yes, she still has a hard time remembering names of things)
HH ~ " oh good grief, do you really think you need candy tonight Mouth???"

she ate it all, and was up most of the night.

little brother went to a friends house last night. after a night of playing video games, he came home all excited. " MOM!!!! they had this really old video game! the graphics were HORRIBLE!!! that thing was OLD."
what kind of game system was it? I asked him.
"well, it was really really old mom. nintendo something...."
oh! nintendo? gray boxy thing with plain controllers?
"oh no mom, this one must have been b4 that one. it was a nintendo 64. its super old."

wow kid. thanks for making me feel old. i remember when the 64 was the bomb.
one word.
it would blow his mind.

hh is shinglin' tomorrow. he will be in pain for days. little brother is going with to do clean up. he will be complaining for days. (clean up sucks)
i plan on sleeping in and doing nothing. maybe watch a movie. in my room. convince mouth to make me a pot of coffee and bribe baby sister to serve it to me in bed. big plans. ;)

i am thinking we need some nice weather around here. soon. i would really like to get these cabinets painted and installed so i can get my craft stuff out of storage. so i can make cards and work on all the projects that i see on the pinterest and that i dream of making. keyword. dream.

ok. another toy just made noise. time to jump in bed, pull the covers up and pretend nothing happened :/
g'night dudes