Thursday, August 30, 2007


Okay, I am bored out of my mind! I need more space to spread out! The last few days there has just been nothing to do, I think I am just being lazy. Why do I find myself in these slumps? Is this normal? I have been spending more time in our rooms. I find myself reading more and more , and spending less time living. If that makes any sense...
The kids have been great. They keep themselves occupied, playing in their room, or playing ball outside. By the time Dennis gets home I'm so tired, but I haven't DONE anything! Ugh! I am looking forward to school starting, so we are on more of a schedule, but I'm not ready for school, this summer seemed so short!
We still plan on using most of our weekends to see the different sights around Missouri. In fact, we are going to Nashville this weekend!! I am so excited! We plan on visiting the Ryman, and the Union Station Hotel, walking down Music Row, walking downtown, shopping in the different little shops, maybe we will go to the zoo, there is so much to choose from! Pray that we will have no problems with our van! It seems like an on-going occurance for that van to try our patience! It should be a fun weekend! The kids are so excited!
I'm trying to convince Dennis to stop at Cairo, IL. I would like an hour to do some photography there. It is an old town, it was once a very booming river town, Al Capone and his mobsters used to frequent the downtown establishments, but now it feels like a ghost town, there are a few people who still live in the town, but it is very poverty stricken, houses are falling down everywhere you look, huge, beautiful homes, and they are literally falling down in the streets. The downtown area has beautiful brick buildings, banks, hotels, saloons, even a speakeasy, with the sign still out front, but they are all sitting empty, some are crumbling into the streets, others have been vandilized. It is a sad town now. But I look at it, and I see amazing black and white photos in my mind. Hopefully I will have the chance to stop and takes some pics, I'll get them posted ASAP.
It has been an interesting 3 months. I have learned to lean more on my Heavenly Father. How can I feel lonely with my husband and children around me all the time... I realize I was leaning more on my friends and family up in MN, and not on Him, now, after being more isolated, I have found it is easier to lean on him, and not so much on others. It has brought our family allot closer. The kids play with each other, and they have had to figure out ways to settle their differences, they have been forced to, all 5 of them live in 1 room. Eat, sleep and play, all in one room. Dennis has had to put up with my talking, he is the only adult I talk to on a daily basis! I think he has realized I can talk about "nothing" for a long time! I hope and pray we can continue our adventure for a long time. It has been allot of fun, and I am learning so much about myself, my children, and my husband!

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