Monday, November 24, 2008

10 Things I am Thankful For:

1. family, thousands of miles seperating us makes me appreciate them even more.

2. the kids are doing good in school, and that they are able to complete projects independently.

3. my coffee pot and flavored coffee :)

4. that Snowball came home- silly how one gets so attached to those little furballs :)

5. lower gas prices!!! you never know where we will end up!

6. being a child of God- it is amazing how you can walk into a church 2000 miles from home and feel like you just walked into a family reunion!

7. God's provision- amazing how He can work when we are in His Will!

8. my kids- I know, "of course she's going to say that", but I really am thankful for my kids, I am glad we stuck to our guns and stayed consistant with discipline, even when we wanted to give up. I really enjoy my children, I love seeing them grow to be the people God wants them to be!

9. my mistakes, and the lessons I have learned from them. I pray they make me a better wife and mother

10. the sunshine!!!

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