Friday, March 1, 2013

Sweet 16

Dennis rushed downstairs, where mom, dad, Lynn, Alan and baby Cody were waiting for news on the new baby. "Pray!" is all he said and he rushed back upstairs. Upstairs the midwife was trying to get the little baby girl to take her first breaths and the nameless little girl was not cooperating. Whenever her mommy would talk to her her heart beat would even out and she would pink up. As soon as her mommy quit talking her heart rate would drop and she would quit breathing. "whats her name??" the midwife pressed us. Alexis was named at that moment.  

Grandma sat and prayed and rocked our little Angel Baby all night long. The Dr was comfortable with Lexi staying home as long as someone sat up with her all night, Grandma volunteered for first shift, which ended up being the whole night, she was not going to give her up for anything in the world. She rarely cried, she quietly would take everything in. Her big blue eyes would look around the room as she lay snuggled in her grandma's arms.

Now 16 years later I look back and I am so thankful and blessed that God gave her to us. That He trusted us with this sweet, quiet, loving girl. Our only blue eyed child. Our beautiful little girl has grown into this amazingly sweet and caring beautiful young lady. She smooths out the rough edges in our home and completes us.

Happy Sweet 16 Alexis Victoria  :)  we sure do love you Angel Baby!

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