Thursday, September 27, 2007


Okay, it's been forever since I've been on. Life seems to catch up with you! Hmmm, have I been doing anything new? Not really. I went to the Ladies Fall Fellowship last Friday, 150 women were there! It was so much fun! The theme was "A Journey through Time", all the table decorations were beautiful, every table had a different theme, and the ladies dressed up to represent different time periods. The speaker talked about writing down our timeline, our life on paper, and in hindsight you may be able to see God's guiding, even though at the time, it may be hard to see God's hand in it all, when we look back at our lives, it is so much easier to see GOD in it all!! She also mentioned the fact that we tend to keep our testimony to ourselves, and not just the time that we were saved, but the trials and triumphs in our lives.
It made me think of the stupid choics I've made in my life, yet God seems to find ways to make it all work out. I think of the teens that have come into my life, made some of the same choices, and they are still struggling. Can my testimony be used in these situations? I know the only reason I have been able to overcome so much is because of my humbling myself to God, repenting of my sins ( again, and again =/ ), and dedicating my children to God. How can God use me? So much of the time I would like to brush it all under a rug, now that I am older people don't notice the age difference between Shell and me. But I wonder if I should be using what I have learned to reach out to other girls in the same situation? How can I be used??
How can I tell others the importance of showing these girls God's love?? We are so quick to judge and turn our backs to them. DO we not see how that only turns them away from God? If they can't find love at church, where will they turn to to find the love and acceptance they are searching for? They are searching for acceptance, not that we should love the sin, but we should love the sinner!! So many of these girls are searching for a way to make things right, they just don't know how to do that. Can I be used??
Pray for me! I have been struggling with this for a long time. First I made the excuse that I was too young. Then I was so busy with all my litle ones... I'm all out of excuses!!

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