Thursday, November 29, 2007

My List....

Do you ever dream big? Sometimes I find myself dreaming about all the things I would like to experience/accomplish in my lifetime. Dennis and I love to dream about what we would do if we had money. From the simple things to the most extreme, like visiting Africa and hunting wild game. To build a big house, have nice clothes, drive nice vehicles, send our children to college, travel, take care of our parents when they get old, own a neat little motel up in the northwoods, remodel the house.... the list is endless, but I believe in dreaming big!!

Visit the White House
Travel from coast to coast one summer
Swim in the ocean
Eat some Jumbalya, in New Orleans
Spend 2 weeks in Costa Rica
Visit Africa, not the pretty parts, the REAL Africa
Go on an exotic hunt with Dennis
Publish some of my photos in a magazine
See all of my children happily married to Christian spouses
Stay in a cabin in the Colorado Rockies, during the winter
Visit Niagra Falls
Be in a play
Meet someone famous
Drive cross country in a 79 Camaro, just Dennis and I
See all my children graduate, and know that I had a hand in it!
Build a new house in the country
Own a neat little motel up in the northwoods
Hire a tutor to help with the kids' schooling
Raise amazing, sweet, well adjusted children
Live simple

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