Thursday, January 10, 2008


Wow, has it really been almost a month since I've been on? Where does the time go??? I guess I've been keeping busy with my busy life. Nothing new going on, just the same old usual chaos at the Anderson house.

Christmas was wonderful! It was great spending the 21st with the Anderson side of the family. Marie was able to be there, it was a nice realing day spent talking and snacking on yummy goodies. All the kids got along great, it is amazing how many little girls there are! Christina and Travis and their 2 little girls were there, so we had Jess, Autumn, and Belle playing together, and Anessa and Chloe are the same age, so they played very nicely together too! Of course we have the older 3 girls, and Joseph was the only boy!! It got to be a long day for him.

Christmas Eve was spent with my family at mom and dads house. The cousins always have so much fun together! Joseph and Cody play so well together, and of course the girls can find someone to play with, usually! We didn't leave until 10:45! It was nice to spend time with family, being away from everyone sure makes you appreciate them alot more when you are able to see them again!

Christmas Day was spent at home, just the 7 of us in our jammies! We had pizza for Christmas dinner, and spent the whole day doing nothing but playing with the kids and relaxing! Dennis didn't have to leave until Thursday AM, so we spent Wed. being lazy too!

We finally were able to purchase a newer van!! Yeah!! It is great having a vehicle that is dependable. If you would ask the kids they would say its great having a vehicle with MORE ROOM!! They were so scrunched in that old caravan, now they have space to stretch out and we have room for Tramp and Snowball when we travel! Yes, you heard right, from now on Tramp and Snowball wil be travelling with us. That should be interesting!

SO that is pretty much all that is going on around here! I'll be back on when I have more time to share my contemplations of late!

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