Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday blues

Okay, I definantly have the Monday blues. Mondays are the hardest around here, Dennis goes back to work, of course there is the ever present school, and I have a whole week of meals to plan, laundry to do, and no adult to talk to! Alexis was sick last night, so I was also dreading the thought that all the kids will get sick at some point this week. So far so good, Lex is feeling better and no other tummy aches to report as of yet!

We are looking forward to spending the weekend in Moorhead in a couple weeks. It will be great to see my aunts and uncles again! It has been too long since I have seen them! The only thing I wonder about is... is 1 day really going to be enough time to catch up with everyone??? I have arranged a kennel for Tramp so we won't have to worry about him on top of everything else!! Yeah!

Winter time is SO expensive! We heat the house mainly with wood, but it seems like the little bit that we do heat with gas sure affects the heating bill every month! Not to mention the holidays, birthdays, and everything else that seems to happen during the winter! Oh, and the ever joyful tax season is looming on the horizon! I wish the powers that be could spread these things out more! Ha Ha Ha Wishful thinking!!

Our life is so boring as of late! Nothing to really report. I haven't been doing any scrapbooking lately, I'm holding out until I get my new scrapping toy, but I may cave in and get our summer pics finished up this week. I am more in the mood to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea than to drag out all my scrapping stuff, but we shall see I guess!

Here is a quick update on the Brat Pack...

Michelle is 12 now, almost a teenager! She loves it when she can stay home and I take the rest of the kids with me, she enjoys the quiet, and she calls it her "alone time", wish I could get some of that!! She is doing good in school, she loves to read, and she loves to babysit. She is becoming her own person with every passing day. She has her own style in music and clothes. She is looking forward to getting her gun safety certificate in March so she can go hunting in the fall! She loves to shoot the guns with Dennis,and she is a pretty good shot if I do say so myself!

Alexis is 10, almost 11. She is still our sweet girl. But she is showing her spunky side more and more. She is also our emotional child. She is contamplating being a vegetarian, but she "can't seem to get over meat"! Funny girl! She loves animals, and she has a very tender heart for others. She plays with Joseph the most, and has the most in common with him when it comes to video games. She has gotten tall in the last few months, and she has really thinned out. Is it mean to say that she is our "pretty child"?? Because she is, with her huge blue eyes and perfect lips, and peaches and cream complexion, not to mention her gorgeous long curly hair, I think Dennis may have his work cut out for him when these girls get to be teenagers!! YIKES!

Brooke, she's 9. She has her own sense of style that no one else quite understands, but for some reason she seems to be able to pull it off as looking normal! She is our smart mouth child, she always has to have the last word in any argument, and she has a remark for every situation. She still views school as a necessary evil that one must complete before one can go on to bigger and better things. She is also my biggest helper, she "gets" my way of organizing so I am able to tell her to do something and 9 times out of 10 she will do it according to my way of thinking! Helps not to have to go back and redo it, I know, I'm anal about some things!!

Joseph, awww, the only boy in this house of girls!! I know a lot of you may view him as the "poor boy" who has to put up with all of us emotional basketcases, but just to put your mind at ease, he is a very well-loved, well-adjusted young man. The girls do tend to gang up on him at times, but he handles it exceptionally well. And he is very gentle with his sisters, even when they are being unreasonable. He will be quite a catch some day!! A perfect blend of gentleness and toughness! He is doing great in school, he loves playing video games(which mom is trying to put a rope on!), and he is becoming quite an artist! He finally has his own room, (which he keeps very organized)!! After sharing a room with 4 sisters for so many years, he is loving having his own space, where he has the control, and he can kick them out!

Okay, last but definantly NOT least is Isabelle, our drama queen! She will be 6 in March, she loves school, and she is our most stubborn child! The older kids have been used to being able to push her around to some point, in the past, but that has changed in the last year!! She has a mind of her own and she WILL use it! She shares a room with Michelle now, much to Michelles disappointment. She is like a mini toranado, twirling thru the house and leaving chaos in her wake! She is my girl, she loves to cuddle up with me in bed and read a good book together. She loves to help make meals and she is PRETTY good about cleaning up after herself, I think Michelle may disagree, but what can you expect when there are 2 girls crammed in a very small bedroom! *I have come to the firm conclusion that girls are packrats,and just seem to accumulate things while breathing.* There is a touch of drama wherever our Belle goes!

Life is good here at the Andersons. Even when I have the "Monday Blues"!!

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