Monday, April 21, 2008

lifestyle change

OK, now some may find me getting a little bit over the top about some things, but I have come to the conclusion that eating a lot of processed foods, meat, and sugar is just plain old bad for your health. My children were at the docter's office last week, no one is sick , just wanted to get up-to-date on all those pesky shots before we leave for the year, anyway, our dr. was amazed that our children have never had a cavity.... I guess that is almost unheard of in our world of sugar, sweets, sodas and juices. The reason we have never had to deal with cavities is because we rarely have those types of things in the house.

And now I am on a new mission to cut out all refined sugar, most meats,(no, I'm not going vegetarian), try to buy mostly organic fruits and veggies, and what meat we do eat, I try to make sure it is hormone free, antibiotic free. With 4 young girls in the house I think that it is very important for their health to keep all that added stuff out of their bodies. (The reason I say that about the girls is because there has been some studies done on the affect of added hormones and our preadolencent girls.) So far we have been very fortunate because most of the meat we have eaten up to this point has been venison and wild game that we have shot, butchered and cooked ourselves.

I love it when people ask if my children can have suckers, or gum when we go to the supermarket, or Dr.'s office, my answer is always a resounding "no". They may think I am a mean mother, but they don't have to pay our dentist bills now do they! I have found more and more people are getting more reseptive about it. Today at the supermarket, the cashier asked me ,very quietly, if my children can have a sucker. I smiled and thanked her for offering, but I would rather they didn't. She smiled and told me she didn't think I wouldn let them. When I asked her why she thought that, she said, "look in your cart, you don't have any sweets or goodies or anything with sugar in it in the whole thing!"

The kids were very excited about the treat they did get though---- rasberries!!! yum yum, (and very expensive :}) And Joseph was excited about the lemons too :)

We shall have to see how it all turns out--- I will keep you posted!

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