Monday, April 28, 2008

A Lovely Weekend

Okay, the weather was not very loverly, but D surprised us Saturday night by showing up at home, we made the drive to St Cloud, then took the "scenic route" home. It was a very relaxing evening with the fam.

Sunday we made it to church on time ( surprisingly!), after being up late Sat. night! Spent the afternoon visiting with friends and family.

It was a lovely weekend spent with friends and family. I will miss these weekends when we are gone, but it makes me appreciate them more when we're home!

It was hard saying goodbye for the kids. They love seeing their cousins on weekends. I'm trying to plan one last (surprise)hoorah for the kids before we head out. I am going to see if we can have all the cousins spend the night ( except the youngest 2), on May 9.Brooke and Alexis invited another friend too and I'm sure Michelle will want Robin to spend the night also. We'll make homemade pizzas and I'll have to figure out some snacky type things. All on the weekend that we leave!!!! But it's the only weekend left that will work....

our days in lovely, cold MN are numbered! and I am happily counting them down!!!

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