Wednesday, July 9, 2008

All Settled In!

well, we got to Bradenton Monday night! We decided to drive all the way in 2 days! We weren't able to get into our new house until Tuesday morning, we had to meet with the realtor to get our keys and sign some final papers. We also found out we don't have water yet :0 I guess the neighbors were all watering their lawns out of this outdoor water supply, so the owner had a block put on the water. We are managing just fine- good thing theres a pool in the backyard- at least we can flush the toilets with the water from that! We are fully settled in- I got everything unpacked yesterday, and we all slept great last night. On the agenda today is 1) WATER!! 2) find one of the churchs on our list, then we plan on taking the kids to the Gulf!!

Oh- we also made it to D's new jobsite- only 15 minutes away, and a pretty easy drive to get there! Everything is lookin' good at the Anderson house!!

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