Sunday, July 6, 2008

On our way!

Yeah! We are finally on our way down to Florida!! We were planning on leaving Monday, early. But after getting the van and trailer packed, we decided "why wait?", so we hit the road at 3:20 this morning!! The kids were so excited, not much sleep was accomplished that last night at home. (I didn't get much sleep either,"did I remember to pack that?", going thru my head all night)

We hit the Illinois border at 10:38 this morning, we have counted 31 Walmart trucks and we are almost half way thru all the license plates in the US, we even saw an Ontario plate!! And we have to wonder at the people who have boats parked next to these little ponds and call them lakes:) SO funny after living in "the land of 10,000 lakes" all our lives, I guess we can count ourselves blessed to have been able to swim and ski whenever we chose! And to have children who swim like little fishes, having grown up living across the street from our very own swimming hole!

The kids are doing great, haven't heard any complaining yet :) always a good thing! We are hoping to get to Nashville before we stop to spend the night, but we will have to see how long D can handle driving. Not much sleep for him last night either...

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