Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update time!!

Okay, its been forever since I've blogged ~ I really have no excuse. Just laziness I guess. I really have thought about the fact that I should have been updating, but I just don"t know what I would blog about. So here we go, time to update you on what we have been up to in the last month...

We plan on heading out to WY in a few days, we will only be gone for a week this time. Hopefully at some point we will be able to spend some time with Dennis on this job, but that is still yet to be seen.

I'm thinking I should really take advantage of this week and on the way home maybe take a side trip to Mount Rushmore. I have resaerched some of the history of the area we will be staying in, and some history of the areas we will be driving thru on the way out there. One stop will definantly be Wall Drug in Wall, SD. I also want to visit Devil's Tower and the Big Horn Mountains. Rapid City is only a short drive from where we will be staying, we may have to take a day trip over there...

The last few days I have felt very organized, I have felt like I have gotten much accomplished. We now have "chore charts" for each of the Brat Pack. They all have a rotating dishes chart, and we now have specific days of the week for each kids laundry to be done. Instead of me having to tell so and so to do a load of laundry, now they are all responsible to get their own laundry done on their assigned day. We shall see if this will help the mountain of laundry run smoother at least.

The Brat Pack has been doing great in school, our goal is to get done by noon every day. Anything after noon is homework. Makes my day easier, as I can get to my stuff that I need to get accomplished. So much better than spending my day sitting at my teacher's desk waiting for them to complete their work for the day!! Especially when it seems like everyone else can be done by noon, but there is ALWAYS one child who just cannot concentrate and stay on task. It's not always the same child, I really do think they take turns. But it still was making it impossible for me to get my things done.

We spent last Saturday shopping, trying on clothes and buying! We had so much fun, adn found some really good deals! I had a friend tell me today, when she was growing up her brother was a clothes horse and had expensive taste. he was always wanting something new, something stylish. Her moms answer was," if its not on sale, its not God's Will". I thought that that was a very wise woman to teach her children that something as simple as shopping for sales is being a good steward of what God has given us. Well, we did find some very good deals and everything we bought was 70% off the already marked down clearence price!!! I loved it!!!

I do plan on getting the kids a few new things for the drive to WY. Things to do. I'm thinking a new LPS for Alexis and Belle. A new DSlite game for Joseph. A new book for Michelle and some drawing things for Brooke. And I would really like to get little gift bags ready for Valentine's Day for The Brat Pack. I have never done anything special for them for Valentines, I think it would be alot of fun to make it special for them :)

I'm so excited to spend Valentine's Day with D this year!! It has been a few years since that has happened!! No fancy plans or anything , just going to spend the day as a family, hopefully hiking thru the Big Horn Mountains :)

Well, I should get off. My 13 yr old is patiently waiting for her hour on the computer :) Part of the new chores and privelages thing we have going on ;)

'Till next time!!!

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