Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rearview Mirror

My feet are itching to get back on the road,to leave this time, this place behind me once again. I feel I am looking for something that is hiding just beyond my view, searching for that illusive piece of me that is not here. I am struggling to be content here. I dream of bigger things, bigger places. I crave the easiness of being strangers in a crowded room.

I want to stand up and scream at those who claim to love me, claim to be my friends, yet they avoid me. Skirt around me when we meet. Never look me in the eye. Don't they see me? Do they avoid me because saying goodbye again is too hard for them to face? Don't they understand that they are the reason I no longer want to be here?

Loneliness amongst strangers is so much easier than loneliness amongst friends.

The rearview mirror is going to be an easy thing to look into this time. If only it were for more than a just few weeks...

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