Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Medallion Hunt!

The New London Waterdays medallion hunt started Monday morning!

I totally forgot about it and didnt even go get the first clue :O

Tuesday afternoonwe decided to get the first and second clues

and see if we would have any luck, after searching for an

hour on our own, D and I went back to the house, picked

up the Brat Pack and headed out again...

Clue #1 ~ Monday

I invite you downtown,

To see what I've seen.

I'm fairly close to the water,

and a place to keep clean.

I am hidden downtown,

Where inside there's no sun,

But definitely located

By all the WaterDays fun!

hmmm, of course, downtown kinda stuck out

fairy close to the water and a place to keep clean...

now this is where we had 2 different things in mind.

the carwash was a possibility, but so was the laundromat...

Clue #2 ~ Tuesday

Having trouble finding me?

I am hidden quite well,

By a wide open space,

It's hard not to tell.

I would look to your feet,

for another good clue,

I'm close to the ground,

And can't see you!

ok, "hidden quite well" kind of confirmed our

one location by the laundromat.

there is an old well located across the street in

a local park, also a good fit with "wide open space"

and there is a tanning salon next door, hmm, maybe

it has something to do with clue #1, "where inside there's

no sun"?

so we looked high and low, mostly low, considering the clue ;)

In the process of looking at the park I found a cell phone that

had been rained on all night. so we brought it home dried it out

and Tuesady night we were able to plug it in and it actually turned on!!

So I went thru the contact list and called "mom", met her at the local

gas station and here to find out

that her son and a group of his friends had been looking for the

medallion and were staying at her house so they could all get a

jumpstart on looking Wed. morning!!

we decided that we had better get serious about this if we really wanted

to find it. So we went home, picked up the Brat Pack and flashlights

and headed back out! Looked all over downtown, thru alleys, under flowerpots

under benches, in storm drains... yep we looked everywhere we could think of!

And we saw some teenagers doing the same thing! Yikes!! whoever gets the

clue first has the advantage I think! Finally called it quits at 11:30 pm, went to

bed and set the alarm clock for 5:30

Clue #3 ~ Wednesday

I am taped upside-down,

Hidden from view,

Real close to some things,

They use to make new.

People come visit me

Quite often here,

To help save the earth,

but they don't know I am near.

ok, our first thought was, "recycling center!!!"

so we rushed over there, all hopped out and started searching

didn't find ANYTHING!!! (by the way, this was right across from

the park with the well, kiddie corner from the laundromat and tanning

salon). we jumped back in the truck, maybe its at the carwash?

there is a can recycling trailer over there. But we have all looked

all over that trailer!! How could we have missed it? well, we decide

to head over there. As we are leaving the recycling center we see 3 other cars

pull into the parking lot of the recycling center! Man, I hope we

didn't miss it! We head over to the carwash.

Jump out of the truck and all start looking. The kids are climbing around under the

trailer, one kid is in the trailer, D and I are searching the wheelwells... all of a sudden

D and I both look at the brick holding up the tongue of the trailer.

I see a little corner of duct tape sticking out! We both laugh, "A HA!" and

grab it at the same time!

Now the funny thing is. Yesterday we had looked all over that trailer, we saw a group

of teenage boys searching all over that trailer and 2 girls looked it over last night! How in the world did we ALL miss it?!?!

Anyway, it was a blast! I hope they have one next year too!

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