Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Mouse Tail

We were at Dennis job site, cleaning up all the trash that had blown from the site onto the neighboring empty lots. Now you have to understand the amount of trash was ridiculous, and it was a windy day, so it seemed that as much as we were picking up, there was still more blowing around. The Brat Pack was getting very frustrated. I was getting frustrated with them and I was tired of the whining and complaining.
Just as it was getting to that point were it was becoming more unproductive than productive, Alexis leaned over and picked up a huge piece of cardboard and SCREAMED her head off and started dancing around!! Of course we all go running to her to see what was going on and what do we see? 2 little field mice, more scared of Alexis with all her screaming and jumping, then Alexis should have been of them.
So Brooke starts yelling at everyone to quit jumping around and she tries to catch them!! So now we have 2 little field mice running in all different directions, trying to escape Brooke who is trying to catch them. And the rest of us running away from them and squealing every time they get too close to us!
Finally they seem to have figured out a path to take themselves away from us, but then Belle starts to chase down one of the little mice. Picture her crouched over with her hands out trying to talk to this little mouse and convince it that it has nothing to be scared of, as she is chasing it down. All of a sudden that little bugger decides to switch directions! I see IsaBelle stop dead, they lock eyes, trying to call each others bluff, then all of sudden Belle turns and starts running AWAY from the little field mouse as it starts chasing HER across the field!!!! So here she comes, running as fast as she can, screaming her head off and I see this little field mouse chasing after her!! I doubled over laughing!!! As she gets closer to me I realize that the mouse is still hot on her trail and I start thinking that this little thing is going to be in very close proximity to me before too long! Wouldn't ya know it but that little mouse ran right over the top of my shoe, and what do you suppose I did?!? Screamed my head off and started dancing around like a woman possessed!! How can something so small put such terror in our hearts?!? It really is ridiculous.
Silly things finally ran under a storage trailer and peace once again settled over the field. For a short time, then the whining and complaining started again :P
Aww well, at least we had something distract us for a short time. And I will always remember the look on Belle's face as that little mouse chased her across the field :)

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