Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Growing Up

Another year older and another year wiser? Well, the first phrase is true, the jury is still out on the second ;) My mom and I celebrate our birthdays on the same day. I was the best Birthday present she EVER received! ;) The older I get the more I enjoy sharing our birthdays. When I was a kid, I felt kinda gyped, I had to SHARE my birthday! My brothers got to have their own birthdays, they got all the attention on their special day. I had to share my special day. And it had to have a been a bummer for my mom sometimes too, especially when she couldn't just "skim over" her birthday. It was my birthday too, so she had to at least acknowledge the day. I don't know if she ever felt that way, I'm just thinking about I may have felt, this year I would have been totally fine with a low-key birthday. It could have come and gone with a card from the BP and Handsome Hubby and I would have been fine with that. In fact, that's kinda' what I wanted! "If I don't acknowledge it then it never happened, I am NOT another year older" type of wishful thinking I think. But I was very glad mom pushed for us to celebrate together with the whole family, I spent the afternoon being charmed by my youngest nephew :) How can you have bad birthday when you have an adorable little guy laughing and smiling and cuddling??? :)

It kinda feels weird, the calender says I'm a year older, but sometimes I still feel like that 16 yr old girl in love. I don't feel any older today than I did 5 yrs ago. I figure I am as young as I feel, as young as I act (? lol :). So I must be.. what? about 18? ;)

Things the BP have said lately:

Little Brother ~ "you only have about half a tank left mom." he was talking about my coffee pot ;) I guess they think of it as the gasoline that keeps me going?

Beans ~ "You bounce that ball one more time and I WILL POP IT!!!" to Baby Sister who was bouncing a beach ball in the house. Baby Sister's response? Grin and bounce it off of Beans' head and RUN!!! Then I sat and giggled as Beans took off after Baby Sister :)

Little Brother ~ as we were working on getting the posts in the ground for the deck out at the lake cabin. Beans asks Handsome Hubby, " Is this how you would usually do it?" ( we were putting a deck on for my parents, and my dad just wanted it done) Handsome Hubby answers, "nope". than Little Brother pipes up, " I would hire a professional". I cracked up! Handsome Hubby has been a self-employed contractor for 8 yrs!!! He IS a professional!!

Things I have actually said:

Hey Brooke! Are you jumping off the roof??
Yep!! *big grin*
Well, make sure you're only jumping where the snow is deep enough.

What are you kids doing??
well, I want a turn!!!
(they were mattress surfing down the basement steps)

can you move it? does this hurt? its not broken. go play.

all the pieces are the same size.
your piece is not smaller.
She did NOT get a bigger piece.
you're going to sit and argue with me about this?
fine, now your piece is smaller. (after I took a bite out of it)

(to Handsome Hubby as we are driving up the road to our house)
It looks like someone was sledding down the garage roof...
man, I bet that would be FUN!!!

If you roll your eyes at me one more time you are going to be
grounded to your room. FOREVER!!!!

Are you the parent? What in the world possessed you to cut
off all your sisters hair?!?! Do you want me to cut off all your hair?
I don't care if you were only going to trim it. Obviously you did more
than trim it, you cut off at least 8 inches! Do you want to be grounded
for the rest of your life? ( believe it or not, this was to Beans, just a couple
months ago )
Go to your room, I don't even want to see your face I'm so mad at you right now.

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