Saturday, September 18, 2010

September Blues

I really should be upbeat and happy, really I should be... but I am finding myself "down in the dumps" more and more :P I hate feeling like this. There is really no reason for me to feel like this. And yet I can't seem to dig myself out of this. I think it would be really nice to have a life. Ya know, a FUN life. Like, going here, going there, doing this, doing that, meeting up with friends (what friends?? that is part of the "down in the dumps feeling" I think), actually having a LIFE! It would be nice I think. But I think you first need to have $ to be able to run here and there, so that isn't going to happen anytime soon :P
I love my Pack, but they seem to be growing up and I don't know what to DO with them! Does that make any sense? Beans is signed up for her drivers' ed class. Baby Sister taught herself how to do front walk-overs last week, in my livingroom, of course. So now you can guess how much more time we spend dodging flying legs every time we turn around!
My garden is STILL producing veggies ~ and I am STILL processing pickles, and freezing carrots, and dealing with zuchinni, melons and tomatoes.
School is in full swing here. Its been more of a challenge for me to keep up with all five of the Pack this year. By the end of the day I feel as if my head is spinning and is so full of useless information from grades 3 to 9 that I just want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head! I'm sure it will even out and I will get back in the groove.
Maybe I should look for a full time job.... cuz that would answer everything.... ya right. Lets add sleep deprivation to my list of headache triggers. Argh... Can you tell my feet are really itching to wander again? My eyes would love to see new sights. Immerse myself in a new place, new people, new foods, new smells....
Next month is our 15th anniversary. I had big plans for it. Get away from the Pack, spend a weekend in some remote cabin, just Handsome Hubby and I. Now I'm thinking we'll be lucky if we go out to eat for supper. I haven't been able to find anything affordable. Well, its hard to find anything affordable when affordable means "as close to free as possible". Maybe there will be a good football game on that weekend....
Things will brighten up for me soon (give me about 3 days and I'm sure I will be feeling much better ;). Hopefully next week will bring sunny days, and a more sunny disposition for me!!

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