Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Told you so!

Ok, I told you to give me a couple days and I would have snapped out of it ~ and I did :) This week is much better! I have been keeping myself busy with my garden (STILL!!). Canned 7 qts of pickles today, stopped at the local apple orchard and scored a box of #2 Honeycrisps for 1/4 of the price of #1's!!! Just 3 more boxes to get and I can get my apple butter started and I am thinking about some apple jelly too. I have big plans for next yrs garden... like 4x's the size if I have my way! I want to grow alot of squash, onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, peppers and fennel :) and rasberry and blackberry bushes, and I want to start an herb garden so I can have fresh herbs all summer and then dry and package it for the winter. I would really really love an apple tree, ( or 10! ) really wish we had planted them when I wanted to when we first moved here 12 yrs ago :P
Have plans for yummy meaty mostaccioli for supper tonight with lettuce salads and garlic toast. Tomorrow nights supper will be beef stew (with fresh garden veggies from MY GARDEN!) and crusty bread of some sort.
I am starting to get Christmas presents turned out already! :) Not for the BP but for family members :)
I love Little Brother! He mowed the lawn today, split wood and is, at this moment, building himself a fort out of wood that he has scrounged around and found :) and did his schoolwork and house chores too! Sometimes I look at my Pack and am amazed by them :)
As you can see all I needed was a few days! I should know better than to blog when having the Sept blues!! Things are looking up and I am looking UP :) Getting my strength and wisdom from HIM ~ that's what I needed to do :)

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