Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Its a very good week

This week is a very good week. Let me tell you the reasons why...

~ its 6 pm and it is still light out! I love longer days!

~ bills are paid and hubby is looking at yet another job :)
he has been super busy and tho I may pout when I don't get to see him
much, I do thank my Heavenly Father for a husband who is willing to work
hard and long to support our Pack

~ last week was a super hard week for me, Monday night (7th) I said good bye to a very dear friend of ours. So last week was funeral plans, ordering flowers, comforting the Pack who had just lost a man that they had loved like a grandpa. It was very hard. this week can only be better

~ the snow is melting!!

~ and my roof is NOT dripping!!! YAY!!! thank you girls for shovelling the roof after the last few snowfalls!!

~ I went shopping today. and spent very little. :) cuz we need very little.

~ I am very content with needing little. wanting little.

~ I love that the Pack was super ready to get done with school after Christmas break.
now we are focusing on our garden!!

~ I went to the library yesterday. and checked out a TON of books

~ and 2 cookbooks :)

~ we had cinnamon bites for breakfast this morning. I served them in coffee cups. Of course I topped them with my version of cinnabon icing :)

~ then I was feeling especially happy so I drove to the big city and brought some to HH and his partner at work.

~ it made them smile, which made me very happy :)

~ then I went shopping

~ and bought very little

~ that made me smile :D

~ I have been a super good wife and mama this week and have served fresh veggies and/or fruit at every meal, I have served well balanced meals all week (its only Wednesday, alot can change :P ).

~ I am so very in love with HH and he makes me smile :)

I love spring. It makes me happy to see people come to life after a long winter.
I heard geese flying overhead today. One more sign of spring!
Oh!! Guess what I did today??? I washed windows!! and they look so pretty!!

*Yes, I know I know. its only mid march and we can still get snow in April, but that snow will melt quickly and the end is in sight! so let me be deliriously happy!!*

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