Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hump Day

ever notice how that phrase is really a very vulgar phrase? Yeah, I have too. But I am once again totally drawing a blank for a post title :P so I am resorting to vulgar ;)

Yesterday was a very hard day. I was sad. And tears were never far away from my eyes.

All she had to do was run down the stairs, giggle and twirl and the waterworks would start. My little Blue Eyed Angel Baby. I see her running down the stairs in my memories, giggling, twirling to show me her ballerina moves, with her wild curly hair flowing around her. Now she comes running down the stairs, giggling and twirling to show me her straightened hair. She has decided she does not like her beautiful curly hair, she straightens it every day. I miss her curls.

14 is still a very scary number for me. Silly isn't it? I have a 15 yr old, and yet, Blue Eyes turns 14 and I turn into a simpering fool.
*Topic change~ tears are starting to flow :P*
Beans has been begging for permission to get something done with her hair. Not just a cut and style. Nope, she wants a total new look. Dark dark dark hair with purple highlights. HH and I have agreed to let her try it. I know. Total shocker. We'll see if we regret it. ;)
*Topic Change*
I love watching the Pack grow up to be great kids. ( I know I know, I was just whining and crying and carrying on about Blue Eyes turning 14, now I love watching them grow up... I'm crazy I guess ;) They are FUN kids to hang out with :) I love that they see someone in the store that they know, adults, and they stop and carry on conversations with them. Real conversations. Not just, "um, yeah, yeah, I guess" as their eyes dart everywhere but at said adults face. They aren't embarrassed to see their uncles or cousin in the store. They run up to them , give them hugs and ask them how they are doing, how work is going, they introduce themselves to their uncles or cousins staff.
It still surprises me when I see 3 teenage girls across the store, laughing, giggling, sometimes helping an older person find something or reach something, stopping to talk to a little baby in shopping cart. The whole time with smiles on their faces. Then I realize they are my girls and I smile. Those amazing girls are MINE! and I love seeing who they are growing up to be :)
But it still floors me that I can possibly be old enough to have girls that are that beautiful, that mature, that responsible, that OLD!
I think I may have to go lock myself in my room with a box of kleenex and feel sorry for myself.
And pray for sunshine. Its my happy drug ya know ;)

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