Thursday, July 28, 2011

Its been, well, FOREVER!!!

Sorry, I know its been forever since I have posted anything, I guess life has been sort of uninteresting? boring? and I have had no material to blog about? well, thats kinda sorta an excuse. but really? I was without my computer for a few weeks, thats my excuse, and I'm stickin to it ;)

so what has been going on the last 6 wks? well, the Pack went to camp, all the same week. It was very quiet around here. and boring. and I only had to clean my house once the whole week. and did 2 lds of laundry. like I said, it was very quiet, and boring... I still have not come to a conclusion if I liked it or not.

the Pack got back from camp and we started ripping apart the house :) all the siding came off. no more soffit or facia. we cut the 3 season porch off last weekend. the cement truck is scheduled for tonight so we can pour footings for the new addition (sadly, it does not mean more bedrooms :'( but it does mean a bigger schoolroom/craft room! and I finally get a closet in my bedroom!!!). By the end of the weekend we should have the addition framed up, and in a couple weeks the new rafters will be coming for the house :)

A few things that would be seen or overheard if you were around our happy home the last few weeks...

* Little Brother: Hey mom, what is dad going to do with all the boards we tore off the house?
Me: Nothing
LB: Can we have them?
Me: oooookkkaaayyyy (?)

Later in the morning...

Little Brother: Hey Mom! You know that old lawn mower? the one that doesn't work? Can I have it?
Me: oookkkkkaaaayyyy (?)

After lunch.....

Little Brother: HEY MOM!!! Um, can I have some of the clothes line rope since dad took down your clothesline?
Me: oookkkkaaaayyyy (?)

15 minutes later....
I see all the boards, tied on top of the lawn mower(minus the guts) going down the driveway and off into the woods.... with my NEW hammer balanced on top... hmmmm

the next day....
I see the same lawn mower, careening out of control, down the hill. with a child on it. it wasn't my child. I don't know whos child it was.

It looked like fun ;)

The Brat Pack and I found the medallion this yr!! $100 cash :) all spent at the local fun park :) on go-carts, bumper boats and mini golf :) fun fact? Beans' friends, we shall call him, um... Country Boy, he works at the fun park, he does the go-carts. and when Beans is on the go-carts, right when she's getting ahead of her sibs? he shuts her down. and she yells at him, and he laughs and does it again. its very funny. Then Beans gets back at him by dumping a jug of water on his curly head. and he yells at her. and she laughs. and does it again. its very funny.

Sadly the medallion hunt was not a challenge. we had the medallion in hand 5 minutes after the first clue was released. we were looking for a challenge to make our boring lives not so boring. at least for a few days. yeah, that didn't work out for us.

Oh. And our favorite local swimming hole? Our lovely city council has decided to ban people from swimming there. "its too secluded and private and kids are engaging in risky and dangerous behaviour" (I quote.) I have been very angry about it. So now, instead of having my Pack right across the street where I can hear them and know where they are? they are now across town swimming at the DNR fishing dock. and jumping from trees. into the river. and having a blast doing it. and I am sure the city will try to put a stop to that too. I am not happy with the town council of our quaint little town. They seriously would love having no kids in this town. They would rather the kids behaved like little robots, stayed in their homes, and played video games all day. Well, that's not gonna happen with our Pack! I encourage them to be fun and adventurous, and jump out of trees into the river :) and snowboard down the garage. and I bring ice cream cones to them when they are hanging out at the local park with all their misfit friends. and people are scared of them because they are laughing and joking around and having FUN. and doing nothing wrong.

urgh :P Its been frustrating. and I miss swimming in our little swimming hole :'( all my children learned to swim there.


last week was miserably hot and humid around here, and we were all holed up in my bedroom (the only room with a little window air conditioner), and Snowball was roaming the house freely cuz Remi was in the bedroom with us, and Snowball somehow got out of the house :( and we haven't seen him since. its been a very traumatic thing. we have all accepted the fact that he may just be having too much fun out in the wild world that he came from and he doesn't want to come home. we are still hoping he will show his pretty blue eyes to us soon!

the Pack is not looking forward to school starting and to be very honest with you? neither am I!! I am loving summer! we are looking forward to the county fair coming up and we hope to make it to the state fair b4 school starts :) gotta have me some sweet martha's cookies ;)

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