Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Don't you love dreamin? and 'what if'ing'?
you know how it works...

what if we won the lottery? (of course we would have to play the lottery first ;)
what if $ wasn't an option?

just think what it will be like when...
its just the 2 of us.
we have grandkids playing on the floor
and cuddling on the couch with us
I can put something away and when I need it
3 weeks later, it will STILL BE THERE!


what would we do if we had everything paid off? and if we had a million dollars?
or more than a million dollars? mmmm...
you know how it works...

I would buy a new camera.
with a super duper zoom lens.
HH would get that 4 wheeler.
or a motorcycle and we would travel.
I would put in a beautiful garden.
and landscape :)
I would put better lighting in my kitchen.
HH would get that dump trailer for work.
The Brat Pack would all get bikes. nice bikes.
and snowboards and season passes to the nearest ski hill
we would take the BP to the nearest amusement park.
(they've never been to an amusement park.)

When we get old....

we will travel
and go south for the winter
and drive a car
and live in a little cabin by the lake
and go fishing from a little row boat
and sit by a campfire every night
and dream
and ' what if'
and remember when we were young
and the kids were all at home
and life seemed so hard

and we will want it all back...

just so we can have Mouth come running up to us and throw
her arms around us and give us a big smack on the cheek
and hear her yell across the road, "HEY MOM!!! I
Just so we can have Baby Sister sit next to us and go into
a very long and detailed description of her day.
Just so we can find nails and tools in the weirdest spots
as Little Brother always has a project in the works.
Just so we can see Blue Eyes come twirling down the
stairs and give us that big smile and flash her dimple at us.
Just so we can have Beans cuddle next to us on the couch
and listen to her tell us her hopes and dreams and heartaches.

and then we came to this conclusion,
as we sat by the fire last night,
we LOVE our life.
every hard time makes us grow and brings us closer.
we are a perfect team for this life that we have.
it may not be an easy life. but its our life. and we will love and
embrace every minute of it.

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