Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm that girl

That girl that collects all the shopping carts and puts them in the cart corral in the parking lot at Walmart. and takes the ones that are not in "order", out and puts them back in. in order. and the Pack gets embarrassed and pleads with me to just "get in the van!! plz!! MOM!!!!".

That girl that could never work at walmart because she would get stuck at the bargain bin movies, putting them in alphabetical order. cuz that's how they should be.

That girl that hates wearing shoes. even in the winter.

That girl that dreams of wandering this earth, with no destination in mind. meeting strangers, taking pictures, immersing myself in the cultures and lives of others.

I'm that girl that talks to strangers at the store. opens doors for the elderly, smiles at babies, and helps mothers with small children because she knows what they are going thru.

I'm that girl that loves thunderstorms and dancing in the rain. barefoot, with her hair down. :) She loves mud puddles.

I'm that girl that loves to sing in the shower, cranks up the stereo when she's cleaning the house, and grabs random children to dance around the room with.

I'm that girl that opens up all the windows when it hits 50 degrees in the spring of the year, but grabs a blanket to wrap herself up with to take a nap on the deck in the sunshine when its 80.

I'm that girl that cannot watch an entire movie without getting distracted by something. then loses her place and spends the rest of the movie asking everyone else what is going on.

I'm that girl that goes for walks in the middle of the night. in the rain. she stops in the middle of the street, spreads out her arms, tilts her face to the sky, and loves to feel the water cascade down her face and hair.

I'm that girl that has to sleep in total darkness and silence. When she sleeps at all.

I'm that girl.

That girl that is sarcastic when she shouldn't be. can be brutally honest when it would be best to keep her mouth shut. I'm that girl that speaks first and thinks later. gets mad quickly but asks for forgiveness just as quickly.

I'm that girl that loves to cuddle on the couch to watch a movie. but will probably fall asleep half way thru then wake up and want to know how it ended. :)

I'm that girl that loves to use her man's chest as a human pillow. but rarely is allowed to :P

I'm that girl that can have a biting comment but also will flash you a smile and a wink out of nowhere.

I'm that girl. that girl that loves with all her heart, trusts most everyone. but when you break her trust, you will have to work very hard for her to even give you the time of day.

I'm that girl that crunches on ice in the next booth over at the restaurant and in the row behind you at the movie theater ;) sorry about that.

I'm that girl that will ignore her phone for days on end. but can't live without her computer.

I'm that girl.

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