Wednesday, August 15, 2012

given enough coffee, I can rule the world!!!

or not.
after a full pot of coffee by 9 am, you'd think I would be a little more awake.
nope. not at all.
I'm blaming it on my allergies.
I am miserable with allergies the last couple weeks.
watched the news last night,
was informed that the pollen, ragweed, ect allergies will be getting worse

I have a houseful of little kids
I am not used to a houseful of little kids
who knew?

my big girls took the little ones to the new park
its nice having big girls :)

lets see, whats happened in the last 2 months???

really not much has happened...

Blue Eyes crashed and burned on her bike.
separated her shoulder
and was in a sling for a few weeks

Mouth is now 14!!!!!!
that was,
for some reason??
a really big deal.
then she texts me
this was the text,
"hey, if any guy asks dad if he can
go out with me tell them I don't want to
date till in I'm 15, or 16.
lol!!! Love that girl!!!!
she got her own phone
she loves it

Baby Sister is revolting
she does not want to be considered "little"
my opinion?
you are little.  ;)

Little Brother is always on the go
working with HH
he never wears a shirt,
we find ourselves having to remind him
to put a shirt on for church

Beans is working working working
and when she's not working at her reg job
she's working with her dad
or helping me with daycare kids
I kinda sorta love that girl.

the girl who does not like animals
(ok, I probably would like them if I wasn't allergic to them)
has seemed to be left with this menagerie of pets on a daily basis
poop patrol
have I mentioned that I do not like animals???

kids are all out of the house
I should probably get something done around here
while I can ;)
time to crank the music!

later dudes

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Danielle said...

Ohmywordtheallergies!!!!!!!!! I know!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm blaming them for today, too. (And the baby who didn't sleep... ) So glad you can take advantage of your big girls! :) Love the updates on the kids - your house sounds like a pretty awesome place to be!