Monday, August 20, 2012

why do I love you?

Sometimes, I just sit and look at my man
(he's very sexy)
and I'll *sigh* and say,
I love you.

which he undoubtedly will respond with

so here,
my dear.
  is why....

1~ you always let me have the last bite of your ice cream cone.
well. unless you're mad at me.
but usually you give me that last bite.
it's my favorite part of a cone.
I can do without having a cone
as long as you give me that last bite of yours ;)

2~ you still take me for drives on country roads.
those back roads that are twisty and hilly
and easy to get lost in
and you still try to get me all turned around
then you look at me,
and say,
"get us home"
(when we were kids I would never have a clue on how to get us home,
but we have those neat little direction thingys now.
you know,
the N, S, E, W thingy on the dash?
yep, that is the only way I can get us home :)

3~ you shave your head.
cuz you knows I love it :)

4~ you makes fun of my allergies
but yet,
when you see a bee
you get me out of the way quick
or if we are eating somewhere, you ask if
there are nuts in anything.
you are my protector :)
you remember to bring my pillow and
usually a blanket with when we are staying
overnight somewhere.
(its never fun to spend time away from home
covered in an itchy rash)

5~ you can tell, when you walk in the house after work, if
I am having a headache day. 
 you kick the Pack out
and make supper
you put dark blankets over the windows
and make sure things are kept to a dull roar
until I am feeling myself again

6~ you never complained when I would stay up all night
reading a good book
even when I had the lamp on the enitre night.
you bought me a kindle :)
now you get your sleep
and I get my books:)

7~ thru 5 babies,
then toddlers,
me working nights
you working days
you never complained about the
dirty dishes in the sink
dirty laundry piled up in the bathroom.
you would get home,
send me to bed
(so I could maybe get an hr or 2 of sleep b4 I went back to work)
and you would make supper, get the house cleaned up
kids bathed and ready for bed.
then you would wake me up in time for me to head to work.

8~ when we see a really nice old car
you look at me and grin
and ask me the make and model.
I usually can get it right,
within a yr or 2 at least.
then you smile at me :)
and I smile back

9~ when we go to the fair,
you find a bench for just the two of us
right by the band shell
and we cuddle together
and you hold my hand
and you sing the songs to me.
very quiety
in my ear.
and my heart goes boom boom

10~ whenever we get soda pop
you always give me the ice thats left
in the bottom of your cup.
cuz I always chew ice.
(how do you not get annoyed about that???)

the list goes on and on....
I will keep adding to it.
cuz I gotta say.
I think I fall more and more in love with you.
everyday :)

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Danielle said...

Awww! Makes me tear up! You got a pretty great man, Shanan. :) I'm so happy I got the other one! ;)