Friday, September 14, 2012

its been one of those....

its been another one of those days.
yeah. I'll go with another one of those weeks.
It wasnt all bad.
the oldest 4 of my Pack went to the kickoff of yg :)
Baby Sister started her Wed night program again :)
I am actually working with the 2nd graders this year.
so much fun :)
and kinda funny when they look at me and say,
"Hey!!! You're Mouth's mom arent you?!?!"
and then when I answer the affirmative they smile and
I am deemed 'one of the cool moms'
cuz I am Mouth's mom,
and she is "super cool and so much FUN!!!"
I have a lot to live up to I think ;)
my allergies have flared up
I am miserable
no other way to put it
I look like I went 10 rounds with Mohamed Ali
Little Brother has been working with HH all week
HH has decided to quit drinking pop
cuz he hurts
his bones, muscles, joints, ect
everything hurts
and his head bobbles sometimes
thinking it may have something to do with the
copious amounts of Dt Dew he drinks
so he's quiting.
Little Brother has brought home reports of a cranky HH
caffeine withdrawl
not fun
 we have been avoiding each other
he comes home at night and I find something to keep myself
out of his way.
its best that way.
he knows he crabby and itching for a fight
I know he's crabby and everything I say or do
WILL be held against me and used to fuel a fight.
So I avoid.
its working so far ;)
hoping this withdrawl goes by quickly...
its another working weekend for HH.
which means another boring weekend for me :P
its probably a good thing tho.
too much time together would probably result in us fighting...
not a good thing
I am wondering if I should start another Pinterest acct.
using a fake, ahem, nickname.
It seems my humor could be seen as inappropriate.
I can just hear them now,
"she used to be such a nice girl. I wonder what happened to her."
how do ya like me now???

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