Saturday, September 8, 2012

A little Corny

Anyone who has me on FB may be getting a little annoyed with my corny jokes this weekend, but after a 5 day funk, I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she had posted a few of her favorite corny jokes, I busted up laughing, and it broke my 5 day funk :) and now I keep finding more corny jokes and I bust up laughing, and HH and The Brat Pack just roll their eyes and sigh.
Here's one of my favorites.
It has 2 parts,
so its more like 2 of my favorites...
What did the fish say when it
ran into a concrete wall??
ok ok, now for pt2...
What did the dam say when
the fish ran into it?
I know.
I am easily amused ;)
Got up this morning
packed lunches for HH and 4 of the Pack.
threw bread in the toaster
then threw toast at the kids
and sent them out the door
they are helping HH shingle a house today.
He wants to get the whole thing done
tore off, picked up.
hope they are ready for it!
Beans stayed home with me
(she has to work at her reg job tonight)
and we got "the cutest baby in the world"
for the day :)
So I had every floor in the house swept and mopped
before, yes, BEFORE, 7 o'clock this morning :)
(she's crawling everywhere, and we have 2 dogs and
2 cats in the house, yuck!, and I am anal like that)
so since all the floors were mopped
I decided that all the windows should be washed too...
I have come to the conclusion that
I would much rather wash toddler kisses
and sticky finger prints off my windows and patio doors
than doggy nose art. yuck.
Remi now knows how to open the patio door AND the front screen door...
got back from the little town over yonder the other day.
and Rem was sitting on the deck to greet us.
of course he somehow had the time to go for a swim in the river too...
now we need to teach him how to SHUT the patio door
so the cats don't get out....
its feeling like fall around here.
sweatshirts and shorts are being worn
socks and tennis shoes instead of flip flops
allergy season is in full swing
( I look like I have been beat up in my sleep
every morning when I wake up :P )
candles are burning
we are actually using the oven
definantly fall
I am NOT looking forward to winter
I am more of a sunshine, sand and warmth type of girl
not a clouds, snow and cold type of girl
in case you forgot.
well, I better get some more stuff done around here
so when HH and the Pack get home it looks like I
worked almost as hard as them today ;)

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