Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 on Thursday!.....hmmmm...

 I struggle with "10 on Tuesday", and I here I am, declaring "30 on Thursday!"
Lets see...
*1. New Orleans makes me nervous.
it smells. and its dirty.
there is water everywhere. and not the nice,
"I wanna go swimming and lay out in the sun and play in the sand"
type of water.
No. It's more of the,
"There are crocs. and bugs and snakes. and I will die if I go in that water!"
type of water.
no thank you.
*2. I love Nashville.
"I could live there
and work there
and sleep there.
and walk around music row all day
and night
and day" 
kind of love.
*3. I went to my very first concert.
 it was Luke Bryan.
I was 5 feet from the stage.
it was A.MAZ.ING.
it was free.
*4. I love our new church.
I love the ppl.
they are my kind of ppl.
REAL ppl.
*5. I hate "1 step forward, 2 steps back"
kind of days
~case in point~
*6. I cleaned the kitchen.
did the dishes.
* fed the baby.
*7. made dinner for the Brat Pack and Company
*8. did the dishes again
*9.. stocked the wood stove.
*10. rocked the baby to sleep
and chatted with Auntie :)
(laid sleeping baby down)
*11.  cleaned my bedroom
cleaned the closet.
*12.checked the wood stove.
*13.  vacuumed the schoolroom/addition
*14.  walked into the kitchen
cleaned it.
did the dishes.
*15. stocked the wood stove
*16. folded laundry
put it away
*17. checked for eggs
*18. cleaned the coop
*19. brought Remi out
*20. did another load of laundry
put it away
*21. cleaned out the fridge
*22. did the dishes.
(I do not have a dishwasher. just an FYI)
*23. checked for eggs.
(the red still hasn't laid today)
*24. we did school thru-out this entire time.
*25. now its time for me to get supper ready.
so I can do dishes.
and I seriously think I could vacuum
the entire house again since
you can't tell I already did it once today.
see what I mean?
1 step forward.
2 steps back.
*26. Blue Eyes received her blue card!!!
one step closer to driving!
*27. one the kids' good friends
made the decision to accept Christ
as their Lord and Savior!
*28. HH led him to the Lord. :)
*29. I don't like having pets.
too much hair.
(have I mentioned this before?)
*30. its really weird collecting eggs,
 bringing them in the house,
and immediately cracking them to eat.
its gives me the heebie jeebies.
Just sayin'.
so there you have it.
"30 on Thursday"
hope your day was as productive as mine ;)

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