Sunday, May 4, 2008

Counting down...

Well the countdown is on! My schoolroom now looks like a storage room, I have totes along the walls and I am slowly getting everything packed. Trying to decide what we really need with and what can be left in MN. Those bulky winter coats and snow boots are out, and all the swimsuits and flip flops are in!! Turtlenecks and cable-knit sweaters are out and shorts and tanks are in! School materials are in :( and scrapping and cardmaking stuff are in :)

I will be having 14 children under the age of 12 spending the night here Friday! Some may think I'm cracked to even attempt such a heroic feat--- but to tell you the truth, I think I'm as excited as the kiddies! Pizzas movies munchies... what better way for the kids to say goodbye to their friends?! Its the last hoorah for the Andersons in MN, and we plan on making it memorable! And I plan on staying up all night making cards and spending time with MY friend too!! Too bad D is going to miss out on all the fun ;)

We have found a house in FL. And its large enough so when we have friends and family visiting we have plenty of space for everyone!

I was holding out on the whole "magic kingdom" thing, 5 children (who don't always enjoy the same things) and 1 hubby who cannot stand large crowds, does not sound like "magic" to me! Plus the price tag of $500. doesn't sound very magical either.... but.... my loverly brother in law and his family are thinking about spending Christmas down in FL with us, and Disney World is top on their list of things to do together. And to be quiet honest, watching Belle's eyes light up at Cinderella's castle and seeing the other kids' expressions as they go on different rides, it does hold a certain appeal to me. And scrapping all those pics would be a blast! So I guess we shall have to see what comes of it all, I will keep you posted:)

Oh, but I am still holding out on buying DVD players for the van! I think its a shame that children cannot go a few days without having their minds turned to mush watching TV (movies too!). We made quiet a few trips back and forth from MO to MN last summer, 13-14 hrs in the van,(in a single day), so I think we can make it down to FL without watching TV. But can I make it without my internet?? Now that is the true question that has been plagueing me....maybe a wireless card could be looked at?

I have enjoyed being back in MN for a time, and I have truelly enjoyed spending time with friends and family. We are excited to embark on a new adventure, its true, we don't like the thought of having to say our goodbyes, but we are so excited to be back together as a family.

Being apart from D is very tiresome, I miss my friend, my lover. I miss having somebody to cuddle up with and I miss those hugs that only he can give. I miss those late night talks in the dark. I miss his cooking! I am very much looking forward to seeing him walk thru the front door every night, "Honey, I'm home" ;)

So I am counting down the days until FL, (and counting up the totes and luggage we need to fit in the trailer....)!!

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