Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do you see Christ in me??

I was challenged tonight to ask those around me, saved and unsaved, friend, and neighbor, if they can see Christ in me.

So can you?

Can you see Christ in me? In my life? In my talk? In my attitude? In my everyday walk? Oh I pray that you can.

We studied Acts 26 tonight- the last 15 verses. Do you know that its not about how we began our walk with the Lord- it is about how we will finish. Paul, he started out with a bang- his conversion was miraculous!! But it wasn't about how he started out- it was about how he finished, his heart was so full of joy and peace from God. And he so wamted everyone to have that very same joy and peace!! I always viewed those few verses where he stated he wanted everyone to be like him (excepts for the bonds of course), as being very pious. But he wasn't. He wanted everyone to have the joy and peace and love that he was so filled up with! He didn't necesarily want them to be like him, but to have what he had! He had a Saviour. A loving Father.

It is heartbreaking to read those verses when King Agrippa states that he was "almost persuaded to be a Christian". ALMOST?? How Paul kept from shouting with frustration I do not know. To be almost persuaded, but lost. I fear that for so many of my friends and loved ones. To be almost persuaded, but yet to be lost to eternal damnation. Oh if I can beg of any of you- if you are not saved, please make that decision to become one of God's children!!

And if you haven't a clue as to what I am talking about, then I guess I have my answer. I have not shown Christ thru me. I have not been the witness that I am supposed to be. I have not made HIM the center of my life, if I had, then HE would be in everything I do and say. And you would surley see HIM in me.

I think this may be something I need to make a priority in my life. Paul was not afraid of what others thought of him, Festus said that Paul was a "mad man", crazy man!! If one would think of me as crazy because of my convictions, because of my joy, because of my witness,because of my God, then I would gladly wear that badge.

We are to be a peculiar people, I think I need to work on that. I think I need to be more perculiar to the world, so they may see Christ. To see that I have something in my life that makes me different. Peace, content, joy, love. Things that only God can give. These things will be so profoundly abundant in my life as I draw closer to my God! I pray that the next time I ask the question, "Can you see Christ in me?" there will be no hesitation, you will be able to say "YES!! Christ is so much of you, that one cannot see where Christ starts and Shanan stops." that is my prayer, that I will become more like Christ, so everyone who sees me will be able to see Christ shining thru my face, my smile, my life. You will see HIM in me.

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