Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Fun

We have been loving spending time at the beach! I could get used to this very easily :) I'm sure I will miss those brisk fall mornings, the smell of apple pie and candles burning, the beautiful colors, always changing , the first snowfall of the season... but I'm liking my surf and sand and sun right now! I must say- I miss my kitchen at home, and all the colors- the greens and browns and all the wood, I miss that. I am surrounded by WHITE!! White walls, white cabinets, white tile. white white white!!! I guess its a Florida thing... if this was my house, it would painted, like, right away!! I talked with a nice lady at the beach yesterday, she came up to me and commented on my children--- I guess she watched Lexi tidy up the blanket and towels on the beach, and she folds towels a certain way (the same way I fold towels and the same way my mother folds towels:), she thought that was so funny, cuz it is the same way she folds towels and her family thinks shes nuts cuz she's so particular about it. Any way- I thought it was so cool, she called my kids "Beach Children", those kids who could live at the beach and always be content and happy just being there. I love having beach children :)We spent the whole day at the beach yesterday- from right away in the morning till we had to go home for supper, I guess I should have packed two lunches to bring with. I could live there all the time- I am starting to wish we had rented a home closer to the coast. Only until we have a hurricane come in, then I'm happy that we are where we are :) Well I am off to the beach-- I'll make sure to check in later!

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