Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well we have been in our new home for a month now- wow, has it really been that long?! We have settled into the house and have found a great church. The kids are already making new friends and we are starting to figure out the city a little more.
The pool is a favorite way to pass the time away. I love the ocean, but everyone else would rather swim in the pool :)

Dennis still hasn't started working. Its becoming long and he is getting very bored with staying home. I have enjoyed having him here! He spends a few hours a day in the pool with the kids, which they are loving! Still waiting on word when he will start- the only bad thing about him not having started yet is the fact that it means we will end up being down here that much longer. He is already saying we will have to make a trip home to MN at some point. To see family and friends and just to be there. We are already thinking we may end up being down here until next August.

Brooke may end up celebrating 2 birthdays down here. Poor girl, has celebrated the last 2 birthdays away from family and friends, and she has been very bummed out about that the last few days. I am just so happy that Uncle Alan will be maiking the trip down here to celebrate her birthday with us- it means so much to her.

Alexis got her hair cut! The first time she has ever got it cut, she has hed a few trims over the years- maybe an inch at a time, but this time we cut off about 13 inches!! Yikes!! She loves the fact that it no longer weighs her down in the pool, and it looks so much healthier. But I am already thinking... it will be grown out again, I miss her long curly locks too much!!

Belle got hers cut too, she had the same style cut last summer, so it isn't such a shock to my system to turn and see her short hair.

Michelle is off at camp this week. She is 13 hours away, in NC, at the WILDS camp! I have to think that this is why God sent us down here this early, just so Michelle could go to the WILDS. It is such an awesome opportunity for her, one that she may never have again. I am praying that her heart will be softened and decisions will be made for the LORD. I talked to her Monday morning, before they got there, everything seemed to be going fine, she has made a really good friend. They seem to hit it off really good, Michelle is more adventerous and Tina is more timid, so Michelle encourages her to try new things and Tina keeps Michelle on the straight and narrow :) Can't wait to see the pix and hear all about her adventures!! I will post some pix next week. We have gotten updates from one of the boys with a contraband cell phone * shhhh* he says everything is good, Michelle and Tina are attached at the hip and doing great.

It is suppose to be a beautiful day in FL today- hopefully we will see the sun for a few hours at least!! Its the rainy season--- which means it rains everyday, and everyday is cloudy and overcast :( Morning are usually beautful, but by 2 o'clock-- in come the clouds, then the thinder starts booming, and pretty soon, we have an all out storm on our hands! Craziness I tell ya!

I have a list of thing that need to be done today- laundry, floors need to be mopped, carpets need to be vaccumed, vents vaccumed, furniture dusted, bathrooms cleaned--- and it goes on and on!!

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