Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Off Day

Argh, just another Monday, why does it seems like some day I just wake up crabby, for
no reason really, just feel very off. I really can't blame it on one day, I have been "off" for over a week now, and I hate it! I guess I need an attitude adjustment. If my girls were acting like I have been acting for the last seven days I would want to lock them in a room! Yikes, maybe I had better check my heart :P

We had a great weekend with family at the cabin ~ the BP had so much fun with their great aunts and uncles! But I was definantly ready to come home last night, my own house, my own kitchen, my own bed. Where I can be crabby and annoyed and not have to put on a smiley face ;) JK, I really did enjoy the weekend with family, but it is always nice to be home again.

Blue Eyes and Mouth spent the morning cleaning for a woman who has been put on full time bedrest for the duration of her pregnancy. So thankful for my girls and their servants hearts! So thankful I never had to be put on bedrest! wow, she is in my prayers, she has a long summer left ahead of her.

I have weeded half of my garden, I really should be out there weeding, not in here blogging... tis is te first garden we have ever had. I haven't decided yet if its something that I will do again. I do like havig tomoatoes at my fingertips when I want one for a salad. I guess I will have to see how good of a crop I am able to harvest before I make any decisions about next year.

Three of the BP will be going to camp next week, only Blue Eyes and Baby Sister will be home, the following week I will only have my youngest 2 of the BP home with me... I love that they can go to camp, but it sure does make for a long couple weeks for me at home! yep, its still lonely and quiet even when I still have 2 at home with me. And they really don't know what to do with themselves when over half of them are missing!

Nothing much else to blog about,told you I am feeling off!!!! Well, hopefully next time i am back on here I wil be back to myself!!!

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