Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beautiful Sunshiney Days

I love weeks like we have had! Sunshine EVERY day! The Pack has been swimming every day this week, I went and bought clothesline for my poles so I have been hanging laundry outside :) the garden is looking good, already have been picking tomatoes for my salads, we are having family over on Saturday for Mom's 70th Bday party. The Pack has been hard at work mowing our little paradise. An acre of mowing wears them out but then they get to go swimming again :)

Little Brother broke out in a rash on Monday, on his face! Poor kid, itches so badly! I have told him he can no longer go out to the forts at the cabin, the weeds are up to his face and he must have gotten into something. It looks horrible :P Baby Sister is the only one that hasn't broken out in a rash yet, I guess we will have to see if she lucks out and has clear skin all summer or not...

So far Beans and Mouth have broken out from poison oak or something, I think that's what Little Brother has on him too. Blue Eyes, we have found out is allergic to the Equate brand of spray on sun screen. That was a painful experience let me tell ya :'( And I am allergic to Deep Woods Off bugspray. Oh and Beans is also allergic to bodywash (another painful experience!), and so am I.

Handsome Hubby has been working 13 hrs a day. So the Brat Pack hasn't seen him all week, they are missing him immensley. I was feeling sorry for myself when HH came home late last night and told me he is planning on working the whole weekend too, then my very good friend reminded me today, " ITS WORK!!! Be thankful he will work when the work is there!!" thank you Friend! I needed that reminder :) I am very thankful for my Handsome Hubby!

We have had friends over all week, the BP has been loving it, I am just thankful we have had an amazing week of sunshine and warm weather! They have been spending their afternoons swimming at our little paradise across the street :)

I will be posting a pic of my Pack soon, they have changed so much in the last couple months!!

Gotta go! I am making supper for the family that the girls are helping out this summer. Then spending the evening at the park with my Pack and some friends :) Have I said I LOVE this weather?!?!?! Sunshine and warmth :) Swimming and parks. Friends and outdoor cooking.
Swimsuits and beach towels on the line. Reading books on the deck with a tall glass of ice cold water. Hearing my Pack laughing and screaming from their favorite swimming hole. Yep, I so love this weather!!!!

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