Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Busy??

I just have something I have been thinking about lately, so I guess this is my way of getting it off my chest ;)

When talking to other moms I have heard them say they never have time for anything, because the kids are so much work. Ask them out for coffee? Nope, they can't, because they are so busy. Ask them if they want to come over for coffee and cookies, the kids can come with! Nope, they are so busy. Want to meet at the beach and take the kids swimming? oh, um, yeah, I can't because I am so busy.

I have a simple question. What are you so busy doing??? Why is it so hard to keep your house clean, melas on the table and laundry done? What is so hard about being a wife and mother? I am not saying we have the easiest job in the world! Seriously, when I had 5 kids under the age of 6, I was busy, I was tired, just getting all of them in their carseats to go anywhere was a chore of its own! But after Baby Sister was out of diapers, and walking on her own, I felt like I had freedom!

If your children are over the age of 4 there is no reason why you are still tying their shoes, cleaning up their messes, wiping their bottoms, buttoning their pants! They can have chores of their own, they CAN get them done, they can be ready to go when they are instructed to be ready. If they can't its not their fault, its because mommy has never made them!

I look at my Brat Pack and sometimes I really am amazed by them. They do their own laundry, mow the lawn (push mow an acre, ALL HILL!), get their chores done everyday, they all love to help in the kitchen, and have turned into some pretty great cooks and bakers. They keep their rooms clean (somewhat ;). My oldest girls help another family twice a week cleaning and doing laundry and watching their 4 children. And that does not include Beans' regular babysitting job and Blue Eyes and Mouth have been kept very busy babysitting this summer. And somehow we still find the time to go swimming everyday, I try to take one of the Pack out once a week for some mom and me time, make meals for others, oh! and we enjoy every weekend at the cabin with family. And you will find us at the library many afternoons during any given week, and many days are spent at the park playing with friends. I still find time to coupon and plan my meals so I am not spending a huge amount of money to feed this family of 7 ( with a few more thrown in on any given day).

I am not writing this to "toot my own horn". I am just trying to show other moms who have gotten to the place where their families are WORK, that it does NOT have to be that way! I love my kids, love my Handsome Hubby, love being able to spend time with them and not always finding myself spinning my wheels feeling as if as fast as I am getting things done they are undoing it! Don't blame your husband and kids when you can't find the time to enjoy time with others. You made your life like it is. You have no one to blame but yourself.

So, as you are letting life pass you by because you are so busy, we will be spending the day at the beach making memories, or maybe having a picnic lunch at the park with friends.

Of course you can feel free to drop in anytime, we always have fresh cookies or bars and it only takes a few minutes and I can have a pot of coffee brewed and we can sit and chat while the kids run and play. My house may not be perfect, but the door is always open and you will always be welcomed here.


Mom said...

Thats my girl! I am so proud of you both and how you have taught the kids to be independent and responsible. Very Godly and Biblical.

Danielle said...

Awesome way to live!!!!! I love your attitude! :) And I may have to make my way over your way for some coffee soon....