Friday, July 2, 2010

So Much Accomplished!

Well I have a whole lot of stuff that needs to get accomplished today! We are throwing a 70th bday party for HH's mom tomorrow so its "all hands on deck"! Of course with my Pack it gets done so quickly so I really have no reason to stress about it :)

Here is my to-do list for the day:

trim all weeds (around trees and driveway) ~ Little Brother X
scrub bathtub ~ Blue Eyes X
Peel 10 lbs potatoes ~ Baby Sister X
deep clean all bedrooms (dust, organize, ect) Everyone! X
put away craft stuff ~ Me X
roast the pork ~ Me X
bake banana bread ~ Mouth
iron ~ Beans
put away all gaming systems ~ Little Brother X
wash windows ~ Blue Eyes X
clean out fridge ~ Me X
make more laundry soap ~ Mouth
bake cupcakes ~ Baby Sister
finish laundry ~ everyone
clean around shed ~ Little Brother X
scrub out cooler for drinks ~ Mouth
put window air conditioner in ~ Me
put the front panel back on washing machine ~ Me
clean and disinfect litter box ~ Blue Eyes
make a bday banner ~ me
drop off Baby Sister at Little Friend's house ~ X
pick up a few groceries
make potatoe salad ~ Me
make Sarah Beans ~ Beans

that isn't including all their usual chores! its looking pretty good though :) We should still be able to relax this afternoon and the older 3 girls have their heart set on going to see Eclipse, I don't think that will be a problem :)

Oh, for the 4th we always spend the day with friends ~ I am thinking about making the rainbow cupcakes, but making them red, white and blue :) sound like a good idea??? I need to pick up some red, white and blue sprinkels for on top maybe? hmm, maybe add that to my list....

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Danielle said...

Oh. My. Word. I'm incredibly impressed with your to-do list! :) Makes me think I should stop editing pictures and take care of my list......
And I love having a good reason to make cupcakes! :) I'm thinking of making some with little red-white-blue pinwheels on top!
You guys seem to be having a really awesome summer! YAY!!!