Monday, October 25, 2010

Manic Mondays....

Some days I find myself just rambling about nothing, dreaming of something big happening in my life... win the lottery (problem with that one is I would first have to PLAY the lottery in order to WIN the lottery ;), lose weight, have an amazing body, get my hair done, have money to buy clothes that actually fit me, a closet full of shoes, ( I really do love shoes, you would never know it to see my humble collection of 4 pairs of shoes ) get a mani and pedi on a REGULAR basis! ( I have had it done ONCE in my life, a bday present from my favorite auntie :), space and time to work on my sewing and crafts, the money to travel and take a vacation with Handsome Hubby and the Pack... just dreaming again. You know me, I love to dream :)

I dream of being witty and charming and having friends to call up and get together with "just because". I think I may actually be a pretty boring person. I don't have amazing things happen in my life. I have never had any life altering moment occur. You know, one of those "ah ha" moments that you hear about? Yeah, um never had anything like that happen to me.

Just another manic Monday! But you've had those kind of days too! Right?

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