Friday, February 25, 2011

A Friday List

1~ Sunshine is my happy drug :) and guess what?? THE SUN IS SHINING!! you know what that means right?? yep! Shanan is a VERY happy momma this morning.

2~ its still morning, a lot can happen.

3~ Was talking to HH last night, told him how I am really regretting not having more babies.

4~ I really really want more babies.

5~it would cost about $5000 to reverse the tubal I had done after Baby Sister was born :'(

6~ I have resigned myself to the fact that I won't ever have the joy of being pregnant again :'(

7~ it makes me sad. very sad.

8~ then HH reminded me that he is very much looking forward to the time when its just US. We have never had just us. I had Beans 2 months after we said 'I do'.

9~ he also told me that he does have those times when he wishes we could have more babies.

10~ then he thinks about the soon to be time when it will be US and he is happy with our life.

11~ I am looking forward to being just us too. and I will still be young! 39 and an empty nester??? still young enough to have LOTS of FUN ;)

12~ I am getting 2 more girls for the weekend :) Little Brother is not excited. at all.

13~ HH is working this weekend again. remember what happens when HH works weekends? and I am at home with the Pack? and nothing exciting happens. and the weekend feels just like any other week day? yes? no? yes?

14~ I pout. just in case you forgot, I figured I should remind you. ;)

15~ I figured this weekend would be a good time to organize my freezers and figure out what we all have in them.

16~ doesn't that just sound SO EXCITING!?!?! yeah, its not.

17~ hey! guess what?!?! THE SUN IS SHINING!! its my happy drug ya know ;) oh, I already mentioned that didn't I? well, after that depressing talk about not having any more babies I had to remind myself... THE SUN IS SHINING!! :D

18~ Blue Eyes is going to be 14 next week. when did this happen??? when did they all grow up? I still look at them and see the 3 little girls twirling in their nighties and falling into a pile of arms and legs and giggles.

19~ it makes me sad

20~ Hey!! Guess what!?!?!?! The SUN IS SHINING!!! whew, after that depressing talk about my babies growing up, I had to remind myself ;)

hoping the sun is shining where you are :D sunshine is my happy drug :) oh? you already knew that? ;)


Mom said...

I went thru the same thing.... and then I had GRANDBABIES!!!!! I still think about all the good times when the house was full of kids in the winter and yard in the spring, summer and fall! I loved it and never wanted you kids to grow up, but you did. So, enjoy every minute, because "Don't Blink" is very very true!
Love you,

Taylor said...

Oh, darn. You reminded me that I am sad that my kids are growing up! :(

It goes so fast!